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Zuckerberg: This is the future VR social Oculus conference 15 pure dry cargo – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Mo Chi shadow things on October 7th news, the National Day holiday technology circle didn’t break, especially VR (virtual reality), Google, SONY, FaceBook / Oculus / even if 2016 is. The first year of VR, the first time I am afraid across this week. Last night (Beijing time on October 7th at 1 a.m.) Oculus Connect conference, FaceBook VR announced a series of plans, the founder of FaceBook / CEO Zuckerberg with a series of VR’s new plan and to prove two things: 1, he believes that VR will become the next computing platform. 2, VR will completely subvert the existing social networking model. Lecture schedule in Oculus Connect for second days the 3 meeting 10 a.m. in the morning, very offbeat arrangements, keynote speech lasted 2 hours, including Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe many Daniel FaceBook, CEO Zuckerberg, Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash, eleven debut, released Oculus Touch, many interactive tools code program for Carmel VR browser, VR project, Avatars project virtual image. The following is the Oculus Developers Conference keynote: Oculus, a dry cargo information core CEO Brendan Iribe Brendan Iribe is the Oculus project is currently CEO angel investors, he said there are more than 2500 people attended the conference, this year is the largest in three years time. In addition, Brendan Iribe also announced back stage debut including Oculus Touch including several important products, although not the founder of Brendan Oculus, but from angel investors to CEO, Brendan play vital role in the development of Oculus. Two, Zuckerberg Berg after the speech: This is VR Brendan Iribe the future social brief introduction, FaceBook CEO and Zuckerberg stage presentation, Zuckerberg’s speech is the essence of VR is introduced to the mode of social change, the development trend of technology and market, and personally made a wonderful presentation, visually shows how VR the Internet will change the future of social way. Zuckerberg said, we are here to build VR into the next computing platform". We hope that the hardware lighter, smaller, and can achieve VR and AR, to achieve eye tracking and gesture tracking, we are achieving. Through a large span growth curve,.相关的主题文章: