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Zhuo Yan Zhi send set debut in Wuzhen quickly realize the transformation of science and technology t diqua

Zhuo Yan Zhi: the appearance of Wuzhen is set to send fast drow transition to the Internet – Sohu network technology Leidi Lei Jianping reported on November 18th at the Third World Conference of the Internet Summit in Wuzhen, held a national version of Zhuo is set to send the release ceremony, officially launched the 18 city sub station. Android is set to send platform plans next year to break the million single day orders, at China largest freight information platform. According to the official introduction of the drow, Android version of the line is set to send the service from the city, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha city extended to Hangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Yiwu 18 city, covering the online distribution network throughout the country. The station opened, is expected within 3 months of the platform registered driver 100 thousand. Zhuo send planning next year to make the capacity to reach 1 million, the average daily order broken by 1 million, China’s largest freight market into the Internet freight platform, so that the world is not difficult to send goods". Freight logistics is a trillion market, the total service accounted for 18% of the country’s GDP, accounting for the proportion of developed countries is 2 times, highlighting the high cost of logistics industry pain. With the popularity of smart phones and other mobile terminals, many freight APP came into being. But because the market is highly fragmented, product homogeneity serious, lack of supervision, both supply and demand platform entity market low participation in the last two years, there are more than and 200 companies participate in the competition, but did not appear in a national influence of the Unicorn enterprises. And general cargo platform, Android is set to send to intercity main business, the city distribution and cold chain car as the support, at the same time provide courier express and other value-added services, covering most of the user needs to become the rare freight, freight business model platform. The on-line version is set to send the Zhuo zall group is another major action. Since this year, Thatcher group also shares have Lanting Pavilion set potential, to invest 2 billion 273 million yuan holding peasants net, and to achieve cooperation and innovation works, the establishment of innovative smart trading industry fund drow. CEO Yan Zhi Wuzhen zall group in the world Internet Conference said that many people are very concerned about the drow, as a traditional business, how in less than two years, built a qianyiji B2B platform? The target more than this. "We will be through the establishment of intelligent business ecosystem, make the global trading easier, helping customers around the world to reduce the transaction cost, logistics cost, financial cost, this is our participation in the Internet industry business at the beginning of the heart is." Zall group was a road from the line under the heavy assets of the company, however, backed by the city of Wuhan is located in the north of Hankou, north of Hankou now has built 5 million square meters, now has more than 20 thousand wholesalers, 2015 turnover of more than 50 billion yuan. The transaction function, North Hankou provide office, exhibition, logistics, finance, commerce, processing operations, processing center construction of 1 million square meters, warehousing and logistics center of 1 million 500 thousand square meters, 500 thousand square meters of transportation and logistics facilities. 2013, zall group opens nationwide layout, in the construction of Tianjin zall total planning area of 3 million square meters of the Tianjin power mall, to undertake beijing.相关的主题文章: