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Zhenjiang is now the highest value drunk drivers over 4 times the standard of alcohol poisoning-freyja

Zhenjiang is the highest value of drunkdriving alcohol content over 4 times higher than the Modern Express News "that almost poisoning drink too much, after the accident things don’t remember." In September 22nd, the modern express reporter from the Zhenjiang District Traffic Police Brigade accident squadron was informed that a man drunk driving traffic accidents, afterwards actually reached the degree. After testing, the driver’s blood alcohol concentration up to 333mg 100ml, burst of drunk driving into the criminal record brush the brigade for drunk driving in the case of alcohol concentration, even the police investigators have exclaimed: "this to drink much wine to reach so high value?" Currently, the brigade has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving criminal detention in the field of man, the case is under further investigation. According to the police, in October 12th last year at 8 o’clock in the evening, Tian Zhong Mou, Yang and friends together for dinner, a restaurant in Zhenjiang Dingmao, Tianmou drink a lot of wine. "I called my friend to pick me up, but he didn’t find me." Tianmou said, then he drove sue K7Fxxx car to find a friend. The car along the road from east to west, it opened a few hundred meters, because alcohol attack caused a traffic accident. When the police to the scene, a thick smell of alcohol from Tianmou car out and Tianmou lying in the car, dead drunk. The police immediately took it to the hospital for blood testing, after testing, the concentration of ethanol in the blood of Tian was as high as 333mg 100ml, 4 times more than drunk driving standard. According to police investigators, in 2014, the new district traffic police brigade has seized a driver’s blood ethanol concentration of 265mg 100ml, and now, the value of the concentration of ethanol to refresh the record. After the accident, Tianmou police has not to accept the deal, people have disappeared, and the police playing hide and seek". In August this year, Zhenjiang new district police will be listed as an online fugitives. September 19th 21 am, the police locked the traces of Tianmou captured. After appearing in court, Tianmou said that drinking too much, after the accident, things don’t remember. Tianmou behavior is extremely irresponsible for their own lives and the lives of others, fortunately, the two cars collided, if hit people, the consequences are unimaginable." Police investigators said, Tianmou was due to alcohol caused by brain short time memory, continue to drive on the road can not judge the dynamic and effective disposal in this case, this behavior is extremely dangerous.相关的主题文章: