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Zheng Yifan how high was the Soviet Union’s wages-winlinez

Zheng Yifan: how high was the Soviet Union’s wages? Under the background of World War, Russia broke out the February revolution. The February revolution is the real revolution of the people, and there is no political party leader. It used to be said that Bull J Vic led the February revolution. Respondents: Zheng Yifan (a famous historian) Interviewer: Li Dabai () will be 81 years old, a lifetime study of the Soviet Union, the history of the Soviet Union (Tencent). In 1954, Fudan Chinese freshman year he was selected to the former Soviet Union to Leningrad University Department of history learning. After the founding of new China, the first batch of students to stay in the Soviet Union, Zheng Yifan with unspeakable excitement on the Soviet trip. However, it is in the Leningrad university classroom, Zheng Yifan had been convinced that the concept was broken. The "twenty" criticism of the cult of Stalin – the first day of the Soviet Communist Party history teacher said, still talking about Stalin and how good, second days in the classroom at Stalin. This is not surprising, only in the column history department has two department under Stalin has been expelled from the party, dismissed from office exile overseas, after the death of Stalin was able to continue to work back in the department. This led to Zheng Yifan and his classmates to rethink, for a lot of first-hand information reading also let him know more directly to the Soviet union. However, the real subversion of Zheng Yifan’s values, or the cultural revolution". "From China to see the Soviet Union, some problems to see more clearly." In 1980, Zheng Yifan to Chengdu for a meeting, the first time to re evaluate his "class struggle out theory", he argued that Bukharin said does not violate the Marx doctrine, it is Stalin’s theory of "intensified class struggle" against the Marx doctrine. "Bukharin theory in the domestic evaluation of the change is from my start, through the compilation of ‘gray skin book’ I saw a lot of Bukharin material." As a huge superpower, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 hongran, described as "Bo Xi, its sudden Xi", what is the deep reasons? How did the Soviet Union’s economic policy change over the past 70 years? What is the relationship between the final disintegration of the Soviet Union and its economic strategy? With these questions, the Tencent will enjoy thinking before the interview with Zheng Yi fan. In August 9, 2016, Zheng Yifan was interviewed in his study. (photo: Li Dabai) because of the long length, this is the first part: "we estimate to the February revolution is far less than the" Tencent will enjoy thinking: from the surrounding Soviet war and international gradually grow into confrontation with the United States superpower, then declined gradually, the development process of what is the intrinsic relationship with its economic strategy? Zheng Yifan: we have to the end of the Soviet Union — Khrushchev, Bo Gelenev and Gorbachev talk more, perhaps because the closer to us because many Soviet revolution started, Stalin also did not fall from the sky. Let’s start from the beginning, some of the problems can be clearly understood. Many people say that the October revolution is to solve the problem of Russian modernization. It is true that modernization is an important issue in the development of Russian history, but the problem of Russian modernization is not from the October.相关的主题文章: