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Zhejiang this year, typhoon zero landing users G20 gas field is too strong – Sohu news creditcard.ccb.com

Zhejiang this year, typhoon "zero landing" users: G20 gas field is too strong – Sohu news September 6, 2016, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Obama aboard Air Force one arrived in Hangzhou to attend the G20 summit. The surging surging news (trainee reporter Wei Yitu) 9 learned from the Zhejiang provincial meteorological station, by the end of August, the Northwest Pacific and South China Sea a total of 11 typhoons, compared with the same period the year (13.6) less than 2.6; in addition, the typhoon landed in China is low, there are a total of 4 typhoons, compared with the same period the year 4.7 a small 0.7 in Zhejiang, is to "zero landing". In July 2015 the typhoon landed in Zhejiang "chan-hom", bring different degrees of loss of personnel and property to the local, this year has been close to mid September, yet the typhoon landed in Zhejiang, Hangzhou is the only external influence by typhoon NEPARTAK ". This "Qianjiang Evening News" reported that many used to in this season as a tight anti taiwan buddy is not used, even the netizen joked: "because the G20 summit leaders gathered in Hangzhou gas field is too strong, even the typhoon did not dare to close." So far this year, there is no typhoon landing in Zhejiang is also normal. Meteorological data show that in 1949~2014, the typhoon landed in Zhejiang (excluding tropical low pressure) a total of 40, with an average of only 0.6. Among them, the most in August, the second in July." Typhoon research experts, Taizhou Meteorological Bureau researcher Chen Hongyi 9, told the surging news, this year the typhoon is mainly affected by the impact of strong El Nino events in 2015~2016. This is similar to 1998, such as the year before the first landing in Zhejiang in September 19th, the 9806 typhoon "Tao de". It is expected that by the end of September to October, is the growth period of the typhoon, do not rule out the possibility of landing typhoon in Zhejiang, after the fall of the typhoon generated greater intensity in September, flood prevention work is still grim. El Nino refers to the equatorial Mid East Pacific sea surface temperature anomaly is unusually high climate events, generally 2~7 years. In May this year, the National Climate Center of El Nino monitoring forecast, 2015~2016 super El Nino event officially ended in the month, the life history, the cumulative intensity and peak strength of three key indicators, two times before the super El Nino events have since more than observation records (1997~1998, 1982~1983), by the national Climate Center assessment that is the strongest El Nino events since twentieth Century. But the impact on China will continue after the strong El Nino phenomenon often occurs in La Nina (the eastern and central equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies continued cold phenomenon, El Nino RP). In August 28th the national marine environmental forecasting center informed that this year the autumn typhoon may be partial, will lead to marine disasters on the southeast coast of China, is expected in September will generate 5 to 6 typhoons, slightly more than normal, the impact of China’s offshore typhoon is 3 to 4, 2 to 3 on the South China Sea, 1 to 2 of the East China sea.相关的主题文章: