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Zhangzhou Dongshan Island found a fresh air moving stone weight or over 300 tons mycoolboy

Zhangzhou Dongshan Island found a piece of fresh air moving stone weight or over 300 tons in October 23rd, I heard the news rushed to the scene to see, this stone is located in Maluan Bay and mother temple hill over the corner, shaped like Xiantao, 4.7 meters high, 4.6 meters wide, 6.5 meters long, the estimated weight of more than 300 tons, up Stonehenge tilt to the Bay in a stack two stone blocks, the contact surface is only a few centimeters, with "big" and "odd" and "dangerous" characteristics. Dongshan Island hidden deep in the woods in Maluan Bay shore wind stone, was found in the recent development of tourism projects, revealing the true face. Kang Mei Zhen Tong Bo Village more than and 80 year old Huang Amin said near, when they often go hand in hand to get this stone here the sea, in the wind, slightly shaking, the village called "stone", also known as "old stone", in the stone below a small south the temple was built, and shell ash, small stones in the two stone contact pad, to prevent the stone rolled into the sea. Later, with the surrounding trees shrubs of wild thorn grow thickly covered stones. The Gulf Park tourism projects, this stone was rediscovered as a wonder of the Gulf park. The expert analysis, this stone is in the fourth century during the transgression, the waves along the fractured granite texture, severe erosion, long lasting, gradually expanded to two rock support contact distance, finally only one foot square, the remaining vacant and formed, and its center of gravity falls under the rock contact point because of the contact surface, small stone, dangerous potential risk, make people feel shaky.相关的主题文章: