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Zhang Jizhong’s wife said the husband and wife partnership losses of 2 billion 176 million to break-g-area meru

Zhang Jizhong said his wife leads to loss of 2 billion 176 million couples break partnership [Abstract] the king’s horse two is just a little billion Rong, Zhang Jizhong couple and Xiao Qi is listed on the new board has applied for the valuation of the company 1 billion 200 million. This article from the WeChat public entertainment capital "Author: Cao Lexi light weight Mei editor: Wu Lixiang’s first Baoqiang Wang, after Zhang Jizhong, the two celebrities stake in war, many couples partnership enterprises who are placed in the spotlight. And there is a lot of equity disputes, resource grab, transfer of property, it is the case in the case before Baoqiang Wang, in a more tragic way to verify the couple in the body of Zhang Jizhong. First of all, is the impact of marriage on equity structure, Wang Ma two is just a little billion Rong, Zhang Jizhong couple and Xiao Qi is listed on the new board has applied for the valuation of the company 1 billion 200 million. According to fan Xin man said, Zhang Jizhong is the largest shareholder, but in recent years the fan Xin man is the real controller, but because Zhang Jizhong has refused to sign, resulting in the company of many projects can not be carried out, resulting in the loss of 2 billion 176 million yuan fan! Secondly, according to Ma Rong will money have been transferred to withdrawals, Baoqiang Wang will not take any bank card; in the Zhang Jizhong incident, two people know each other each other is the transfer of property, "Zhang Jizhong said to belong more fan threatened divorce assets, hinder the company’s work, and has 375 million investment. According to the entertainment capital (yulezibenlun), actually two people have already separated for nearly ten years, in the fan mouth, Zhang Jizhong, mistress and illegitimate child is a matter for many years, but has been able to maintain the relationship between the two, in addition to fan mouth feeling, two people devoted a lot of effort in discipline culture I’m afraid it is very important. Has been separated for nearly 10 years why the couple did not divorce? Two people in the late partnership how to do the division of labor? What Jamie culture propaganda release studios, tourism real estate, theme park mode, what is the mystery? By 2 billion 176 million yuan of profits fan Xin man hopes what the source where? Why the two separated in the ten years of the last moment to make up? In this regard, the entertainment capital interviewed on behalf of fan Xin man and Xiao Qi two and Zhang Jizhong, trying to clarify this farce, as well as the inspiration behind. "Wronged for so many years, this can finally say!" Zhang Jizhong divorce after a day of fermentation, and the latest progress! This afternoon, all star sounding sounding again, drying out Zhang Jizhong’s wife and his son Xiao Qi suspected to spend 48 hours together pictures, that they often in the company overnight. Then the entertainment capital linked to fan Xin man, and get an exclusive response: 1, I never spend the night in the company, every night to go home, usually in the morning morning watch writing something will come to company, company monitoring in. The 2, reported in the Saturday afternoon from five p.m. to five p.m. Monday, I have come to Shanghai and discuss the movie screenwriter surnamed Zhao et al "five Tung" script in the presence of all Xiao family, colleagues and Xiao Qijia monitoring can testify. 3, the company has 24 hours in Xu eldest brother, responsible for feeding me shelter stray dogs, he can testify for the whole thing. Subsequently, Zhang Jizhong.相关的主题文章: