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Youyang the Peach Garden, a China [eleven] – Utopia special tourism Sohu mp7a1

Youyang the Peach Garden, a China [eleven] – Utopia – Sohu pictorial travel a small birch Jin Tai Yuan, Wuling fishing industry, the margin of the river bank, forget the road distance, and forest of peach blossoms…… to the Peach Garden in this way, many years ago the Chinese textbook which learned the "land of peach blossoms" come naturally to mind, feel inexplicable mood. Although I am twelve points in your current life satisfaction, but also suffered numerous setbacks in the reality I am on the "Peach Blossom Spring" in the land of idyllic beauty fascinated. The Peach Garden dreams like "peach blossom spring which described the reality of the the Peach Garden is surrounded by mountains, along a path, and through a big cave, to see the true face of the mysterious the Peach Garden. By virtue of the unique topography of the Peach Garden, naturally there is a solitary temperament. I to the Peach Garden, just travel off-season, not the Peach Garden huge crowds of people more in line with the land of idyllic beauty temperament. The field inside the statue with a farmer plowing cast iron, may be a way of modern people recall the ancient simple life of men tilling the farm and women weaving. The Peach Garden is a song from a hill with water for the local people, the area is not large, but wuzangjuquan. When or hanging out there in the village, met the Tujia boys and girls in the leaves of playing music, this is a kind of folk custom of Tujia nationality, called leaf love song. Muye love songs to the song teaser, is thousands of years of Youyang Tujia boy girl to love the unique way. The melody is very sweet song leaves, the readily picked leaves can play out the craft of melody makes me very envious. The melody is full of love leaves with years of precipitation, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, gradually became a folk stunt in Youyang. The leaf is love songs of Tujia hand waving dance accompaniment, Tujia people is really all singing and dancing. Lovely grandpa to sloshing when in the village, met a lovely old grandpa, he was very warm chat with us, but the eye has been cast to his the old cattle. See the cattle in the ruined trees, Grandpa loudly shouted the old cattle, similar tone suddenly reminds me of my grandfather, and asked with a photo of the old grandpa. This is the old cattle, with the grandfather after he was familiar with my close contact with the old cattle. I’m sure this cow had looked with a contemptuous look I, that look very impressive. Although the despised, still happy with a photo of the cow, but it didn’t bite me. A "Peach Blossom Spring recalls Tao Yuanming let the Peach Garden the Peach Garden Narathiwat has become synonymous with the land of idyllic beauty as the British, Thomas · Moore’s" Utopia "as perfect, desirable. There is a careful restoration of the Narathiwat temple in the Peach Garden, dedicated to write "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see" famous pastoral poet of this free and easy. There is a large underground cave in the Peach Garden, named "Fu Dong", is a more spectacular underground cave. On the way to Fu Dong Road, will pass相关的主题文章: