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Yanzhao Evening News Tuition cheated shows the real name system is not in place – View – people.com. www.q1se.com

Yanzhao Evening News: "Tuition cheated" shows the real name system is not in place – View – people.com.cn original title: "Tuition cheated" shows the real name system is not in place in Shandong Linyi girl Xu Yuyu Luozhuang college entrance examination this year with 568 points and was admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, on the 19 day she received a call from a liar telephone fraud, claiming that there is a $2600 grant to issued to her. Due to the inexperienced girl cheated 9900 yuan tuition. On the way back to the police station and his family back to the police, the girl breathing cardiac arrest, after two days of hospital rescue, eventually died. (see the newspaper today B4 version) the girl was tricked because Jihuo, died, only extreme case, but once again reflects the telephone fraud rampant. Lead to the girl was a fraud phone, is still notorious section 170171, paragraph number has been exposed, the number of 99 for fraud". The number of segments is becoming a hotbed of widespread fraud, a prominent reason is the "real name system" useless, people use numbers and the actual ownership is unknown, coupled with the bank account is also a false identity fraud, fraud detection difficult to occur. Practice has proved that telecommunications fraud cracked and recovered less than 1% of the loss, while the national telecommunications fraud amounting to more than ten billion per year. Obviously, the non-existent "real name system" for telecommunications fraud on a "invisibility cloak", is "dead girl fraud" accomplice, blame the death of a child is from inexperienced, but also from a hopeless case after loss. Always call the "real name system" has been regarded as a duty of citizens of the phone, but ignore it should be the telecom operators to maintain information security and public security shall perform their duties and obligations. China’s implementation of the phone real name registration from 2013, but the result is not obvious, even in April this year, known as "the history of the place name system" policy issued, the ministry requires all the phone user name to rate before December 31st this year reached more than 95%. In fact, the strict implementation of the phone user name system is completely controllable in technology, especially in the big data increasingly mature today, network users can do with the Ministry of public security information network on population database, as long as this technology will be embedded into the number of open procedures, without use of identity authentication information or identity authentication information communication number cannot, can make the real name system has become a necessary threshold network. The real shortage or operators must perform clamping system design of real name system, that is how to do the real name registration responsibility, need to take what measures, and don’t try to review the registration responsibility, and occurrence of telephone fraud how to bear joint and several liability compensation. It is precisely these obligations and liabilities of the default design, resulting in the user’s real name system from the operator to the resale business to the sales outlets, step by step into a selective implementation of the policy, from the interests of choice. NPC deputies pointed out in the two sessions, the telecom operators to allow a year of telephone fraud profits up to 1 billion. Implementation of the phone real name system, can not rely solely on the promotion of administrative regulation, to refine and strengthen the laws and regulations, the formation of constraints. Should be through the letter相关的主题文章: