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Xu Jiao, we come, the perfect collector hand in hand painting the gift of flower Carina Lau –www.kepu.net.cn

Xu Jiao, "we have come to the" perfect ending hand painting gift "whispering" Carina Lau – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn Xu Jiao participated in the reality show "we have come to the" last week ushered in the wonderful and touching ending the night, after three months with along with six Station Road, ten guests and increasingly deep feelings. In the Xinjiang station respectively of the night, Xu Jiao and everyone around the campfire, each prepared very carefully for gift giving each other a random way, Carina Lau received Xu Jiao hand painted paintings represent ten guests dressed in red, an exotic Angie Chiu presented a light book for two dimensional girl Xu Jiao, moved and surprise intertwined, very love. At the time of ending, Xu Jiao, who had always been quiet and reserved, expressed the voice of the six stations. "Though sometimes there are some topics that will not be met, it will be nice if we can be together." Xu Jiao recently in the variety show "we are coming" and the TV series "-" frequently active in front of the screen, then a short hair cut Reiki full child "tomboy" has become a keen Hanfu two dimensional double ponytail girl, facing the three dimensional world of study and work of the actual problem, Xu Jiao said, "go to the United States is the idea I have been, the opportunity is a choice." (Wu Xilu, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) for the first time to the two dimension recording voice of Xu Jiao: and can you tell everyone together well in the skill competition process, each guest is used or funny or confusing way to drink juice, interpretation of weird performance to the Xu Jiao show, saying "this is hell devil fruit juice?" "Oh, my Kirin arm, what’s the matter with my Kirin arm?" Let onlookers guess guests into the "ignorant circle" shape, this is not the first time for the two dimensional form, and we produce dimension wall embarrassment. To participate in the show’s star, Xi Mengyao Xu Jiao is the smallest of nearly ten years in the real reality show, she would have some does not adapt to the same group: Carina Lau, Sheenah, Xi Mengyao, hold hands and sing "love spell to win", she just stood silently laughing in the side. At the time of the ending, Xu Jiao, who had always been quiet and reserved, expressed the voice of the six stations. She has been working very hard to integrate into the group so that many topics can’t be connected. Finally, she said it would be nice to be with you. Xu Jiao confessed in an interview: "recording" we come, "I tried to do every program, and fans also increased, this is a good sign. I’m very hedonism, and happy is the most important. " (commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei) 徐娇《我们来了》完美收官 亲手绘制油画礼物“花落”刘嘉玲–安徽频道–人民网   徐娇参与的真人秀节目《我们来了》上周迎来精彩而感动的收官之夜,经过三个月六站旅途的相处与陪伴,十位嘉宾的感情日益深厚。在新疆站分别在即的夜晚,徐娇与大家围坐在篝火旁,各自准备了非常用心的礼物用随机的方式互相赠送,刘嘉玲收到徐娇亲手画的代表着十位嘉宾的油画,一袭红衣异域风的赵雅芝赠送了一本会发光的书给二次元少女徐娇,感动与惊喜交织,十分有爱。   收官之际,一向安静内敛的徐娇借机表达了六站以来的心声,“虽然有时有些话题会接不上,但是只要跟大家能在一起就好了。”徐娇近期以综艺节目《我们来了》和电视剧《幻城》频频活跃在荧屏前,当年剪着短发灵气十足的童星“假小子”已经成了扎着双马尾热衷汉服的二次元少女,面对三次元世界里求学和工作等现实性的问题,徐娇称,“去美国留学是我一直以来的的想法,机会也是一种选择。” (责编:吴西露、张磊)   首次吐露二次元录制心声 徐娇:能跟大家在一起就好   在演技大比拼环节中,每位嘉宾都用或搞笑或迷惑的方式,演绎喝到怪异果汁的表现,到徐娇表演时,一句“这不就是地狱恶魔果实的果汁吗?”,“哎呀,我的麒麟臂,我的麒麟臂怎么了?”让围观猜测的嘉宾们陷入了“懵圈”状,这已经不是第一次因为二次元的表现方式,与大家产生次元壁的尴尬。一同参与节目的明星,最小的奚梦瑶也大徐娇近十岁,在实打实的真人秀里,她也会有些不适应:同组的刘嘉玲、谢娜、奚梦瑶手拉手唱起《爱拼才会赢》,她只静静的站在一旁笑。   收官之际,一向安静内敛的徐娇借机表达了六站以来的心声,一直以来她都在很努力融入这个集体,以至于很多话题想接接不上,到了最后她表示只要跟大家能在一起就好了。徐娇在接受采访时坦言:“录制《我们来了》,我用心去做每一期节目,粉丝也增加了,这是一个挺好的兆头。我挺奉行享乐主义的,开心最重要。” (责编:吴西露、张磊)相关的主题文章: