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Xinjiang’s first rail project the first electric bus line experiment start – Beijing sopor aeternus

Xinjiang’s first rail project the first electric bus line experiment start Beijing News Agency in November 1 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) November 1st, Urumqi Metro Line 1, the first electric bus line start experiment. White body, blue belt, front window with orange U border…… The vehicle of Urumqi Metro Line 1 finally set off the hijab "". Urumqi Urban Rail Transit Line 1 is the first urban rail transit project in Xinjiang. The line of metro vehicle design bid by Chinese Zhongche Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd. The first prototype has been completed in Urumqi assembly, commissioning, subsequent vehicles in 2017 will continue to complete the manufacturing to Urumqi. In November 1st, the first electric bus in Urumqi City, Metro Line 1 hundred road vehicle paved track test. The subway vehicle consists of 6 parts, with a white background, color selection technology blue belt, the front part with orange lines sketched out the word "U", "Urumqi" on behalf of the Urumqi English initials. The design of the vehicle to achieve maximum streamline modeling at home and abroad of the subway vehicle design combined with the characteristics of Urumqi City, to achieve a number of creative design in domestic metro vehicle manufacturing field, such as the use of open more safety and innovative evacuation door design. It is reported that the Urumqi Metro Line 1 trains using the A model of the formation of the car (the four movements of the two drag), the maximum capacity of 2650 people, the maximum operating speed of 80 km. The initial configuration of a total of 27 vehicles, 162 vehicles, each vehicle length of 140 meters, width 3 meters, the height of 2.1 metres. In September this year, Urumqi Zhongche industrial park opening, thus Xinjiang rail transportation equipment industry to achieve a breakthrough zero. After the completion of the first phase of the industrial park project, will have an annual output of 150 urban rail vehicles, annual inspection and repair of the production capacity of 250 locomotive bogie. Urumqi Metro Line 1 from Urumqi in the south to the north of the monument to three villages of Urumqi International Airport, the line length of 26.5 km, 21 stations, 17 billion 910 million yuan investment, will be in operation in 2018. (end)相关的主题文章: