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Xinhua news agency, monetary policy has not changed the direction of inhibition of asset bubbles has yvette yates

Xinhua News Agency: the direction of monetary policy has not changed the asset bubble suppression has become a new consideration of Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing in October 31 the direction of monetary policy has not changed "curb asset bubble" has become the new consideration of Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Zheng, Wu Yu, Shen Chong "to adhere to prudent monetary policy, to reasonably adequate liquidity at the same time, pay attention to asset bubbles and suppression to prevent economic and financial risks." Recently, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the meeting to analyze the current economic situation and economic work, in terms of monetary policy again with the suppression of asset bubbles, the expression, causing concern in the market. Boom caused by a surge in mortgage loans, monetary and credit policies to prevent and control risks arising from the problem, the new issue of new policy considerations. This year, some cities housing prices rose too fast, driven by a surge in mortgage loans, and weak real economy. Its development will not only increase the financial risks, but also detrimental to the health of the real economy. This will inevitably lead to new considerations in monetary policy." Wang Jun, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange center. Statistics show that in September the national 70 large and medium-sized city in the 64 city new commodity housing prices rose, rose to three or four as part of the hot city; the first three quarters of the individual housing loans increased by 3 trillion and 630 billion yuan, an increase of 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, especially in July new loans and loans become the main business loans appear negative growth for many years rare. "Such a short period of time, in the case of no significant increase in the level of income, the rapid rise in housing prices in some cities contain a bubble. Part of the funds into the real estate sector, such as loans, housing prices have become a booster." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of Finance Bank has just bluntly, funds off the real not only increased the risk of virtual, but also a bad guide. "Now you have to take the risk of asset bubbles, or no one wants to invest in the industry." Sell your house of entrepreneurial Hubei Hong Run eco agriculture company chairman Wu Bin, seeing the inflow of funds into the real estate market, the real old colleagues to achieve financial freedom, and their hard work three years of business due to flooding tight money, feel anxious. The state should take measures to guide the funds into the real economy." In fact, in July 26th the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting has been proposed to curb asset bubbles". However, it was in the statement of cost reduction, and this appeared in the formulation of monetary policy. In the early stage of a more affluent monetary and credit environment, asset prices rose too fast, the economy has long been a threat to sustainable development. Monetary and credit environment in the future to help curb asset bubbles, risk prevention." Hengfeng Bank Institute executive president Dong Ximiao said. Monetary policy has not changed, continue to support the real economy, but to grasp the degree of emphasis on the suppression of asset bubbles, does not mean that the big shift in monetary policy. But the main problem facing the economy China is structural, the total amount of monetary policy has repeatedly overweight not only ineffective, but also not conducive to curb asset bubbles. "The Politburo meeting is very clear, monetary policy is still sound, but also to maintain a reasonable liquidity adequacy, which means that the theory of money相关的主题文章: