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Xiangtan suddenly sixty elderly hemiplegia due to suspected expired health products (video)-seaway

Xiangtan sixty elderly hemiplegia suddenly suspected expired health products caused by the original title: Xiangtan sixty old man suddenly hemiplegia due to suspected health products recently expired, Xiangtan Deng Diadia react to us said: because he is not in good health, eat a self proclaimed experts recommend "love" health care products, can not move in bed on. Is that really the case? Deng Diadia because of a headache, has four chemists, but has not improved. Six months ago, Deng Diadia received a call from a doctor in charge of a hospital in Beijing. The other said: as long as Deng Diadia according to his method of treatment that can cure Deng Diadia’s disease. Because of listening to the doctor’s identity, the past six months, Deng Diadia uncomfortable, not go to the hospital for treatment, but choose to call the so called doctor. The treatment of the other side is to send a box of box and box of health care products to deng. The last time, the other sent a box of expired health care products to Deng Diadia, Deng Diadia could not move after eating. Deng Diadia said, every day lying dead, hardly wished to live. The home by wife a person, he is afraid to become a burden to his family. Reporters saw the love of health care products Deng Diadia eat, as early as in 2015 December has expired. Subsequently, the reporter tried and contacted the person who claimed to be the chief physician. The other side said that he was a new assistant, not clear, after hanging up the phone, the reporter never again can dial. Subsequently, the reporter responded to the situation to the Xiangtan food and drug administration. Xiangtan food and Drug Administration health section chief said, Deng Diadia buy medicine box has a blue hat, is the conventional health care products. Health care products belong to the category of food, and many people buy health products in the place where food circulation licenses are obtained. And Deng Diadia bought this on the Internet is expired. There is also a need to pay attention to, when the purchase of the cable ticket, so that there is a problem to complain. Although the old whine hemiplegia, because this is not the end expired health care products cause, there is no authoritative department. However, it is not the first time for you to say that the old people are superstitious about health care products, so as to delay the illness. Here to remind you, especially elderly friends, health care products are not drugs, we do not take medicine and health products! (front public number) video recommendation: diabetes elderly superstitious products withdrawal without authorization, aggravated illness, resulting in toe off

湘潭六旬老人突然半身不遂 疑为过期保健品所致原标题:湘潭六旬老人突然半身不遂 疑为过期保健品所致最近,湘潭的邓嗲嗲向我们反应称:因为自己身体不好,在吃了一种自称专家推荐的“爱力”保健品后,竟然躺在床上无法动弹。情况真是这样的吗?邓嗲嗲因为头痛,曾四处求医问药,但一直不见好转。半年前,邓嗲嗲接到了一个自称是“北京某医院主任医生”打来的电话。对方声称:只要邓嗲嗲按照他的方法治疗,那就能治好邓嗲嗲的病。因为听信了对方医生的身份,这半年来,邓嗲嗲身体不舒服都不去医院治疗了,而是选择给这位所谓的医生打电话。对方的治疗方法,就是给邓嗲嗲寄来一箱又一箱的保健品。最近的一次,对方还给邓嗲嗲寄来了一箱过期的保健品,邓嗲嗲吃后竟然无法动弹了。邓嗲嗲说,自己每天躺着生不如死,痛不欲生。家里就靠老婆一个人,他很怕怕成为家人的累赘。记者看到,邓嗲嗲吃的这种爱力保健品,早在2015年12月份就已经过期了。随后,记者尝试着和联系了这位自称主任医师的人。对方却表示自己是新来的助手,不清楚情况,将电话挂断以后,记者再也没能拨通。随后,记者将情况反应给了湘潭市食品药品监督管理局。湘潭市食药监保健品科科长表示,邓嗲嗲买的药盒上有个蓝帽子,就是常规的保健品。保健品属于食品范畴,很多人在采购保健品要在取得食品流通许可证的地方购买。而邓嗲嗲在网上买的这个就是过期的。还有一个就是要注意,在购买的时候要索证索票,这样有问题才好投诉。虽然,老嗲嗲的半身不遂,到底是不是因为这过期保健品导致,目前还没有权威部门的认定。但是,因为老人迷信保健品,从而延误病情的事情,在我们节目中已经不是第一次给各位说了。在这里要提醒各位,特别是老年朋友们,保健品不是药,大家千万不能拿保健品当药吃!(锋面公众号)视频推荐: 糖尿病老人迷信保健品擅自停药 病情加重致脚趾脱落相关的主题文章: