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Xi’an Jiaotong University for 7 consecutive years in Yushu to the local kids care – Jiangxi C lightscape

Xi’an Jiaotong University for 7 consecutive years in Yushu   to the local kids care – Jiangxi – People’s network channel: children in fun games around the volunteer Miao Hongyi celebrate. Liu Shengyang photo 2: Volunteers in the art class for the children of Chen Yanling. Miao Hongyi photo: the first year of children’s paintings show. Figure 4: Ding Shihui photo origami class the children display works. Miao Hongyi taken people’s vision "hiking on the way back after two students meet thunder, afraid hear thunder, do not know because of psychological trauma or heart disease, they are very distressed." Yang Rongjie wrote in his diary. 22 students and students in previous years, recorded during the teaching diary. This is part of the members of the British Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Aberdeen Aixin, sail agency and other groups composed of volunteer volunteer team. After the 2010 Yushu earthquake, they spontaneously set up a service group to participate in the reconstruction of the disaster area, the focus is on psychological counseling and help. After the activity years passed to mentees, support content turns to exchange and dissemination of educational ideas…… A look, a smile, a song that I never heard before…… Half a month’s time, the volunteers opened a window for the children brushed, and the children are the most unforgettable memories for each volunteer. The day before, the reporter walked into this branch just from the plateau back to support education, listen to them on, those unforgettable stories in the 3600 meters on the plateau…… Volunteer Miao Hongyi — "we and the children set up a psychological connection, what their voices are telling us" I teach in school is wenle Chengduo County Center boarding school, this is a school for orphans. Before I go, I think I need to bring them the mentality of the sun and knowledge of the supplement. But after that, these perceptions change. We went to school on the first day, many children ran around us and asked: "do you know what the teacher teacher?" They asked all the volunteers about the question. We are confused: who is he? Learned from the local teacher’s mouth, he is a teacher of the last volunteer. After a long year, the children are still waiting for little teacher to come back. When they meet a strange face, they are looking forward to hearing the news of mr.. Finally, through the school community, we contacted the little teacher. Xiao he recorded a video for the children, the children are watching the video in the classroom, listening to the teacher said that he will come to see the annual meeting, they are happy to laugh. I found that the teaching is more important, we and the children, and the local people to establish a psychological connection. The role of teachers has already exceeded the category, the children have what voice, what puzzles will tell us. In addition to Tibetan songs, the children here can sing many popular songs. The children said, is a volunteer to teach, they also clearly remember that there is a volunteer to teach the "golden hill" in Beijing, there is a teaching of Lee Hom’s "still love you". Now the children turn to teach us to sing, I think, it is also a kind of cycle, is a kind of feedback, not just knowledge, songs,相关的主题文章: