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Xiamen institutions start the autumn recruitment examination of the health system to recruit 562 peo-bree daniels

Xiamen institutions start the fall recruit health system to recruit 562 people "equinox" just after a number of Xiamen institutions recruitment also kicked off yesterday in autumn. Reporters noted that the major hospitals, the health system belongs to the community health service center, medical first-aid center and the center for Disease Control and prevention and other units were added to recruit staff, the staff in group 210, and non supernumerary staff in preparing the 352. The staff compiled for professional and technical posts, each post recruitment in the 1-4 range, the number of supernumerary recruitment part of the nursing post up to 10 people. At the same time, Siming, Huli District, Jimei District, affiliated institutions will also recruit internal staff. In addition, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau of Xiamen social welfare center will also recruit 8 internal health workers. The above time is from 8:00 a.m. in September 23rd to 5:00 p.m. in September 29th. Applicants can log on to Xiamen health institutions recruitment examination network, submit personal information and recent two inch color digital certificate photo. In addition, the Xiamen City Intermediate People’s court will recruit Sulu 5 workers, mainly as a case record, file service, filing and other related work. The registration time is September 30th 8:30-11:30 and 15:00-17:30. The registration place is located in the third floor conference room of Xiamen intermediate people’s court office building (115 Hubin North Road). Xiamen Tourism Bureau will also recruit 2 non – staffing staff, respectively, for the industry management and office staff. The registration time is from now until September 30th, and the applicant can send his resume to the mailbox xw@xmtravel.gov. Xiamen University School of ocean and earth geological Oceanography department was formally established in June this year, intends to recruit assistant director of the Department of geological Oceanography 1, registration time is October 20th. There are a number of Siming District kindergarten and primary school will recruit staff, candidates can log in Xiamen Siming education network query. (reporter Cai Yingliu)

厦门事业单位启动秋季招考 卫生系统招562人   “秋分”刚过,厦门多个事业单位的秋季招考也于昨日拉开序幕。   记者注意到,此次卫生计生系统所属的各大医院、社区卫生服务中心、医疗急救中心、疾病预防控制中心等多家单位均补充招聘工作人员,其中,编内工作人员210名,编外及非在编工作人员352名。编内工作人员多为专业技术岗位,每个岗位的招聘人数在1-4人不等,部分编外护理岗位的招聘人数达10人。   同时,思明区、湖里区、集美区所属事业单位也将分别招聘编内工作人员。此外,厦门市民政局所属事业单位厦门市社会福利中心也将招聘8名编内卫生工作人员。以上岗位的报考时间均为9月23日上午8:00至9月29日下午5:00,报考人员可登录厦门市卫生事业单位招聘考试网,提交个人信息及近期正面免冠二寸彩色数码证件照。   另外,厦门市中级人民法院将招聘速录员5名,主要担任案件记录、送达、卷宗整理归档等相关工作。报名时间为9月30日8:30-11:30、15:00-17:30,报名地点设在厦门市中级人民法院办公大楼(湖滨北路115号)三楼会议室。   厦门市旅游局也将招聘2名非在编工作人员,分别为行业管理处及办公室工作人员。报名时间为即日起至9月30日,应聘者可将个人简历(应聘辅助岗还需提供毕业证等学历证明材料扫描件)发送至邮箱xw@xmtravel.gov。   厦门大学海洋与地球学院地质海洋学系今年6月正式挂牌成立,拟招聘地质海洋学系系主任助理1名,报名时间为10月20日前。思明区还有多所幼儿园、小学也将招聘工作人员,有意者可登录厦门思明教育网查询。(记者 蔡樱柳)相关的主题文章: