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Xiamen appeared in Guangxi Caravan 21 mule transport team composed of gravel transport-3edyy

Xiamen appeared in Guangxi "Caravan" 21 mules which transport team transported stones Taiwan network November 14th news (Strait Herald reporter (micro-blog) Hanwei Lu Wen Chen Qiaosi) caravan, an ancient form of transportation, the horses and mules’ names appear in Xianyueshan mountain park. Because of the particularity of the mountains, through the steep mountain, through the woods, no machinery, 21 horses and mules their owner was invited on the hill. On the top of the mountain, suddenly a group of people gathered around the front of the horse crazy pictures. Look, a horse can carry things." "It is not a horse, mule." The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse for horse and mule, donkey and horse male offspring hinny. The focus is the five or six horses, mules, carrying a backpack, two large baskets made of bamboo and rattan. Do not need to master commands, each mule consciously lined up, a horse with a horse, upside down and wait for the owner of stone. The owner is a couple of Guangxi, they scooped a dustpan stone, a mule very understanding, a low body, let the stone rolled into the backpack ". "A mule once can carry five hundred or six hundred pounds." Proud to host the crowd, although the freight is the mule, but they referred to as "Caravan", responsible for human hard road transport. Go full of stones, master a mule head, called a "go", it will go. Walk in front of a gray mule, the mule team captain, led the mule, the oldest. From 2004 onwards, it will always follow the master, travel extensively, now 16 years old. Walked, gray mule stopped, big nostrils quivered and he smelled the smell of grass. Departure from the middle of the road, it walked away, eating grass, behind the two black mule suit, three mule in the human eye, together "afternoon tea". The lazy guy owner found, the owner shouted, they obediently go forward. The only way to see a mule in the road, and then difficult to walk, as long as you walk through, you can remember, without the owner’s guidance. They tramp over mountains and through ravines before coming to Xiamen, Longyan, Zhangzhou, across the road, Hunan, Hubei, Shenzhen to climb the mountain. Oyf Park Mountain is a steep gravel road, only one mule, Qingshiban and horseshoe collision clangour like high heels, the mule stones firmly. And when it came to the end of the day, the mules rested under the tree, and the rope was tied to the tree. They rarely get down, even if sleep is also standing. Morning has shipped 8 times this afternoon and seven or eight times, the host should treat them. Open a piece of canvas, a tall reeds heap, master a few hold out on the grass on the floor, surrounded by a mule dinner. They like to eat grass, just like people need to eat vegetables." The master said, a mule to eat about 10 pounds a day, including fresh grass, wheat bran, corn powder etc.. 5 mule master, Liu Renfeng, Guangxi Baise people, 42 years old. 21 mule Xianyueshan, all from Guangxi. Liu Renfeng’s next stop is Jiangxi, the first mule transport, installed in the open truck, there are people, Liu Renfeng and his wife and then take the train to meet. 5 mule, 2 people a day, the labor price, Liu Renfeng price is 1300-1500 yuan. The Spring Festival is drawing near;相关的主题文章: