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Wuzhen Internet brainstorming guidance in the future – the Sohu of science and technology in the world of the Internet community the right to speak a large coffee recently gathered in Wuzhen. Since November 17th, they have to brainstorm in 16 forums, those words burst out of the spark will be superimposed on the future of the Internet world. Xue Lan, Dean of the Tsinghua University School of public administration noticed an interesting phenomenon, in this year’s World Conference on the Internet, "Internet plus" as the theme of the forum, in particular, have Internet plus logistics, travel +, + + and Inclusive Finance, medical wisdom. And in the last year, "Internet plus" theme of the forum is only a. He said that the change from the title of the forum can be seen, the Internet or in many areas of human life reconstruction. But the enterprises have a large coffee, put the focus on the topic of artificial intelligence: "what has inserted the artificial intelligence wing" the future of the Internet? Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing speech side while updating their WeChat public number, he firmly believes that the present is moving from mobile Internet to smart Internet era, the future of the Internet is a "understand you" buddy. There are a number of Internet Conference from the business community, the investment community and political guests, they are more concerned about the slowdown in the world economy stage, the Internet has become an accelerator of the world economy. Xu Lin, director of the state Internet Information Office said that the current world economy in the depth of the adjustment of the twists and turns of recovery, is in a critical period of new and old growth momentum conversion. The most rapid development of the digital economy, the most active innovation, the most extensive radiation, is becoming a new engine of global economic growth and new engine. "Internet plus" theme of the forum intensive some scholars believe that the World Conference on the Internet, "Internet plus" as the theme of the forum and intensive, China is promoting the "Internet plus" plan of action are inseparable, promote the digital economy integration of the Internet and the depth of the real economy has become a new economic development of the new normal power China under the. In the world of Internet Conference held in Wuzhen as an example, the conduction effect of Internet plus "has changed the way of life of the residents here. Wuzhen Internet hospital through micro platform, connected to the National more than 1 thousand and 900 key hospitals, brought together more than 220 thousand doctors resources, currently serving more than 500 million people, ordinary people also enjoy high-quality medical resources across the country. "Internet plus" economic model, not only changed the lives of ordinary people, but also to a lot of grassroots entrepreneurs bring opportunities. In today’s Internet plus Travel Forum, v-mobile bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng and Chuantang, Party Secretary of the Ministry of transport of China Southern Airlines General Manager Yang stood on the same podium. According to organizers, they are specially invited Wang Xiaofeng to participate in the forum, because the young entrepreneurs rely on "Internet plus logic" launched the world’s first non pile intelligent sharing bicycle has become a lot of traveler’s favorite city. Wang Xiaofeng said, "a Internet plus", he is such a service provider can use the Internet, big data greatly close to the user, users find the pain points, find the user travel demand, thus design"相关的主题文章: