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Wuhan ranks ninth in the average price of residential prices over 10 thousand yuan-www.ncss.org.cn

Wuhan housing prices in the country ninth residential average price of over 10 thousand yuan, the city housing prices recently, the real estate "overheating" situation makes the market and the nervous society more tense, continued for more than a month of volume and price rise. China housing price platform recently announced the August 31 provincial capital cities (including 4 municipalities) housing prices ranking, 11 capital cities housing average price of more than 10 thousand yuan, Beijing and Shanghai average price of nearly 50 thousand, Nanjing fold 20 thousand + become the most expensive second tier provincial capital city. According to CCTV financial reports, the top ten national housing prices are Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Ji’nan. In 31 provinces, 11 residential average price of more than 10 thousand, except North Canton, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Hefei, Wuhan etc. these popular capital without exception, all. Among them, the Empire of Beijing topped the residential average price per square meter up to 48847 yuan. "Magic capital" Shanghai followed, the average price of 44750 yuan. Nanjing as a second tier city "rising" leading city, housing prices rose by 28.95% in the proportion of a substantial proportion, leading Guangzhou to become the national housing prices in Pyramid third place, while the increase is also ranked third in the country. Nanjing is currently up to 22428 yuan per square meter. It is also the only capital city in the second tier capital city breaking the "20 thousand" capital market, and the momentum of the price hike is staggering. It is understood that, in recent years, due to the regional economic development gap, inventory, land prices, real estate business and other factors, the 123 line city real estate market differentiation is serious, these are completely demonstrated by house prices. As the first tier cities, the average price of Guangzhou is only half of Beijing and Shanghai, the gap is more than 2 yuan. And the gap between the second tier cities is bigger than imagined, the same as the second tier cities, Changchun average price of 6 thousand yuan + price. And Nanjing is the average price of 20 thousand +, the latter is 3 times more than the former.

武汉房价居全国第9 住宅均价超1万元 各城市房价情况   近来,房地产“过热”形势令市场与社会的神经越发紧张,持续多月的量价攀高。中国房价行情平台近日公布了8月31个省会城市(含4个直辖市)的住宅房价排行情况,11个省会城市住宅均价超过1万元,北京上海两地均价近5万,南京均价2万+成为最贵的二线省会城市。   据央视财经报道,全国房价排名前十的为北京、上海、南京、广州、杭州、天津、福州、合肥、武汉、济南。在31省区中,11地的住宅均价超过1万,除去北上广外,南京、杭州、福州、合肥、武汉等这些热门省会无一例外,全部过万。   其中,“帝都”北京拔得头筹,住宅每平方米均价高达48847元。“魔都”上海紧随其后,均价为44,750元。南京做为二线城市“涨不停”的领军城市,房价以同比上涨28.95%的大幅比例,领先广州成为全国房价金字塔的季军,同时涨幅也是排在全国第三。南京目前每平米高达22428元。也是二线省会城市中唯一均价破“2万”的省会城市,涨价势头之猛令人咋舌。   据了解,近年来,由于地区经济发展差距、库存、地价、地产商等多方面因素,一二三线城市房地产市场分化严重,这些都被房价完全展现了出来。同为一线城市,目前广州的均价却只是北京、上海的一半,差距之大有2万余元。而二线城市之间差距之大更超乎想象,同为二线城市,长春均价在6千元+的价位。而南京则是均价2万+,后者为前者的3倍多。相关的主题文章: