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Wu Yifan sang sword like dream playing fun games and Lei (Figure) – Beijing lformat

Wu Yifan sang "sword like dream" playing fun games and Lei (Figure) – Beijing Wu Yifan Beijing, September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) recently, the "world Musketeers romantic night — and JX 20 years the festival was held in Beijing. As the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games spokesperson, Wu Yifan sang live for the first time he personally served as producer and re arrangement of the theme song "sword like dream", singer Xiao Ke, Wu Mochou, Li Qi, letter, cutting-edge idol girl group girls also appeared to sing the bee. Wu Mochou concert to the letter "" "soul" would begin, Xiao Ke, Wu Mochou, Li Qi, the bee girl team deliberately brought the classical repertoire, such as Li Qi sang "prison", Xiao Ke sang "monument", while Xiao Ke is the scene of the piano playing and singing "happiness", all picked up many swordsman romantic memories. The five stars of the concert, on both sides of the screen to show the China five martial arts martial image — King, Tang door, Wudang, Emei end, in turn, corresponding to Jin Mu water fire and earth the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games theme. Lei Jun and Wu Yifan concert due to martial arts feelings as the theme, spokesman Wu Yifan also sang "world Musketeers" Mobile Games theme song "sword like dream", which he personally served as producer and arranger for the latest song. Wu Yifan handsome, exquisite dance, cool music performed this song, which made the fans screaming. Millet company founder, chairman Lei Jun also arrived at the scene to help out. As a senior game player of the game, Lei Jun shared "world Musketeers" Mobile Games features gameplay and participate in the design of the story behind the scenes, but also teamed up with Wu Yifan interactive fun. Lei Jun and Wu Yifan line to the stage in the middle of painting at the scene, Wu Yifan served as the team captain, Lei Jun as the world champion team captain. Two people greeted the scene audience shouting "swordsman" or "world" for voice competition. The day of the concert, because China is the Mid Autumn Festival, host China not only to experience the game in the moon and stars to play, but also with the song "the moon represents my heart" caused the audience chorus. In addition, the concert also launched a series of JX latest masterpiece "world Musketeers" Mobile Games. (end)相关的主题文章: