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Wu Wei: to achieve "double target" force — people.com.cn — people.com.cn Guangxi channel 11 in the morning and afternoon, Liuzhou mayor Wu Wei came to the city people’s Congress at its fourteenth first session of Luzhai County delegation to discuss the first meeting and the twelfth session of the Liuzhou City Committee of the second CPPCC group discussion, listen to the deputies and CPPCC members opinions and suggestions. "This is both an inspirational, boost morale, enhance confidence in the development of the report, but also to lead the city people to achieve the first in the region to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to build a leading city of Xijiang River Economic Belt" double goal "programmatic report." Luzhai County delegation of NPC deputies in the review of the "government work report" said that the report on the review and summary of facts of the past five years, has the maneuverability of the work in the next five years, accord with the actual development of Liuzhou. Promote the Luzhai county districts work…… Clear positioning report Luzhai County for future development. Deputies to the people’s Congress said that we should take the initiative, seize the opportunity, speed up the development, and make greater contributions to realize the "first built" and "build leading" dual goals in our city. In explaining the government work report to the representatives, Wu Wei pointed out that the report closely linked to the five strategies of overall innovation, integration of urban and rural areas, green rise, opening up and sharing development. Put forward eight suggestions for the next five years, especially put forward from the aspects of building productive service industry development heights, vigorously implement the "Internet plus" action to improve the living standards of the service industry, the construction of financial service centers, regional industry to further promote tourism city construction to enhance the level of modern service industry. I hope the delegates will make more comments and suggestions, together for the city to achieve "first built" and "build a leader" double goal force. Pragmatic, solid and affordable…… The word "real" became the second group of discussions. The CPPCC members discussed the high frequency words of the government work report. CPPCC members sigh with emotion: in the past five years, the quality of economic development has been further improved, and people’s sense of gain has been further improved. It is suggested that the next five years should speed up the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, increase R & D investment and talent introduction, speed up traffic construction, promote further development of education, promote rural infrastructure construction, and increase the support of cultural industries. Wu Wei said when participating in the discussion, the government will strive to put forward suggestions of CPPCC members into a good reality, so as to promote the overall development of Liuzhou. (reporter Yan Youming) (source: Liuzhou daily Chen Lulu, commissioning editor: Pang Guanhua)

吴炜:共同为实现“双目标”发力–人民网广西频道–人民网 11日上午和下午 ,柳州市长吴炜分别来到市第十四届人民代表大会第一次会议鹿寨县代表团讨论点和政协柳州市第十二届委员会第一次会议第二组讨论点 ,听取代表和委员们的意见建议。 “这既是一个鼓舞人心、提振士气、增强发展信心的报告 ,又是一个引领全市人民实现在全区率先全面建成小康社会、打造西江经济带龙头城市‘双目标 ’的纲领性报告。”鹿寨县代表团的人大代表在审查《政府工作报告》时说 ,报告对过去五年的回顾和总结实事求是 ,对今后五年的工作建议具有可操作性 ,符合柳州发展实际。 推动鹿寨撤县设区工作……报告明确了鹿寨县今后发展的定位。人大代表们表示,要主动作为,抢抓机遇,加快发展,为我市实现“率先建成”和“打造龙头”的双目标作出更大贡献。 吴炜在给代表解读《政府工作报告》时指出,报告紧扣全面创新、城乡一体、绿色崛起、开放带动、共享发展五大战略。对今 后五年工作提出八方面建议,特别是旗帜鲜明地提出从打造生产性服务业发展高地、大力实施“互联网+”行动、提升生活性服务业发展水平、建设区域性产业金融服务中心、深入推进旅游名城建设等方面来提升现代服务业发展水平。希望代表们多提意见建议,共同为我市实现“率先建成”和“打造龙头”的双目标发力。 务实、扎实、实惠……“实”字成了第二组讨论点政协委员们讨论《政府工作报告》的高频词。政协委员们感慨:过去五年,经济发展质量进一步提高,百姓的获得感进一步提升。建议今后五年加快汽车产业的转型升级、加大研发投入和人才引进力度 、加快交通建设、推动教育进一步发展、促进农村基础设施建设、加大文化产业的扶持力度等。 吴炜在参加讨论时表示,政府将努力把政协委员们的意见建议变成美好现实,从而带动柳州的全面发展。(记者 闫友明) 来源:柳州日报 (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: