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Women want to borrow 300 thousand yuan for turnover cheated cheated out of the way of 45 thousand mp7a1

Women want to borrow 300 thousand yuan for the turnover of anti cheated 45 thousand original title: no money down anti cheated 45 thousand yuan in September 6th, due to liquidity need loans Ms. Li received a phone call from Beijing, the other called her name, and asked her if she needs a loan. Because the other side can name, Ms. Li revealed to loan 300 thousand yuan for turnover. After that, both sides to increase mutual friend WeChat, Ms. Li to see the other side of the WeChat name, thought the other belongs to a well-known net loan company, more trust, after the name of the name of Li Xia and her staff repeatedly docking. September 8th, Li Xia, Ms. Li told WeChat needs to review the credit record. Ms. Li will be the identity card number, a bank card and ID card to take pictures of the pros and cons of the past. September 8th to 18 in days, the two sides repeatedly WeChat contact. Li Xia told Ms. Li credit record is also good, can be loans, interest of 6 PCT, the company then deduct the amount of 2. "I hope that the interest rate can be lower, but Li Xia said the interest can no longer be low, but you can help me apply for a higher loan amount." Ms. Li said, after Li Xia called to help me apply for the amount of 400 thousand yuan, but because I provide the bank card balance is too small, you need to recharge to the card to $45 thousand, in order to loan." Ms. Li is in urgent need of money, money to bank card deposit 45 thousand yuan is enough. September 18th, Li Xia calls to inform, will soon have a colleague to contact her. The same day at noon, a male staff contact with Ms. Li, the other told her must be timely to provide the phone received verification code, otherwise the loan can not be successful. From 12:40 am the same day, I first received 3 SMS verification code, from 12:51 to 12:55, within 5 minutes, and I received a continuous verification code of the 3, I am in accordance with the instructions of the other informed." Ms. Li said. 12:57, Ms. Li suddenly received bank SMS tips, the account was transferred 45 thousand yuan. Found this message, she hastened to contact each other, the other is to let her use a bank card to take 1000 yuan of money, the money will soon turn back. "Took 1000 yuan, less than 3 minutes, money is also designated to my account," Ms. Li said, after the other 45 thousand yuan will be transferred, and the caller said, if Ms. Li in the afternoon before 4:30, not to carry into the 20 thousand yuan of money, is not lending." Ms. Li said, had money, where to gather together more than 20 thousand yuan". 3:30 PM Xu, Ms. Li contact each other, two phones have been shut down. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter by telephone number provided by Ms. Li, is also off state. At present, the Public Security Bureau Ms. Li Lianhu Huancheng Road police station, the police involved in the investigation. China Daily reporter yesterday call Shaanxi anti fraud center, the staff reminded that the loan is best to regular institutions. In addition, some do not believe any phone to strangers unknown source or origin, does not provide a phone number, bank card, password, authentication code and other information, but can not easily transfer to strangers, if feel cheated, the first time to report to the police. China Daily reporter Intern Shengjun dream start to pay相关的主题文章: