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Winter moisturizing Wufu, often eat in winter, the skin is really not the same! – Sohu to eat and dr reshacker

Winter moisturizing Wufu, often eat in winter, the skin is really not the same! Sohu and today to share this dish called winter leaves with moistening moisturizing Wufu lotus civilian bird’s nest Tremella Jianpi Runchang Detox yam fungus potassium laxative celery five ingredients of food nutrition collocation variety is a good taste in winter season sealed this season in addition to the lungs but also a good nourishing Runfei suitable white foods such as white fungus, yam, lotus root and kidneys for black foods such as black beans, black fungus, this dish is a combination of white and black finally add some ages of this little green celery not only increase nutrition is to let the food become vivid an important element [ingredients] A lotus tiegun a Tremella 8 grams of black fungus 8 grams celery 100 grams a pickled garlic and five fermented black bean oil amount amount amount of soy sauce amount of oyster sauce salt [] production steps of raw materialsready tremella, soaked with cold water in advance of fungus, lotus root, yam tore Cheng Xiaoduo sliced celery cut into filaments slightly fermented black bean chopped garlic, cut the end, cut into small pickle. The pot of water to boil, add Tremella fungus and boiled fish boiled celery root, yam also look a little hot cooked food all over in cold water, then cool boiling water, and then go through the water, adding oil to control excess water pot, stir fry garlic, add pickled and fermented black bean the amount of soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little boiling water, boil the sauce again to pour, stir well, add love spicy chili oil, can also add some peanuts added flavor sauce [tips] finished map salt, so add to the amount of salt seasoning, you judge to decide. With the number of years in the public practice, refer to private sauce menu Pickles, Sichuan Style practices. Public number: yezidexiaochu (leaf kitchen)相关的主题文章: