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Window Cleaning Prices Pricing Your Window Cleaning Job-thinkpad s230u

Small Business There are several ways you can price window cleaning jobs. Lately I have seen an increase in pricing window washing jobs various different ways, for residential window cleaning job I have seen an increase in pricing it by the square foot of the home if the homes in a particular area are all similar. Some areas have restrictions on the number of windows per sq ft. so that make this method even easier. So take for instance you could say a single story home from 1100 – 2500 sq. ft. is $200 and 2600 – 4000 sq. ft. is $350 for inside and out and so on. Your demographic will greatly influence the price. A popular way of pricing .mercial window cleaning jobs is a per pane price meaning how many actual pieces of glass you are cleaning. This is the most .mon method in .mercial storefront type window cleaning. If you have a storefront that need their windows cleaned and they have 8 large windows, a transom, and two doors, that would be 11 windows at $3.00 each, or 33 dollars for that job. As for residential window cleaning jobs you can still use a price per pane, for instance a double hung window would have two "panes." Again your demographic will greatly influence the price. An even more popular way to price your window cleaning job is by the type of window. Double hung, casement, French pane, fanlight, transom, sidelight, slider, and fixed are some examples. Each window is different in how it needs to be cleaned and therefore takes more or less time to clean. In my opinion the best way is to price the work is per the entire job after an on-site inspection. That way you can take into consideration things like the age and condition of the windows, the degree of difficulty to reach the window, how much furniture, or in the case of a store, merchandise must be moved, the level of danger in reaching high windows, and any special tools that might be needed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: