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William Feng attended the Hundred Flowers Award nomination recognition the nomination is very satisf-y580

William Feng attended the Hundred Flowers Award nomination recognition: the nomination is very satisfied Sina entertainment news in September 23rd, thirty-third of the nominees for popular movie award ceremony in Hebei, Tangshan. Nomination ceremony held on the same day can be described as second days ahead of the warm-up ceremony, all kinds of awards will be nominated by the general assembly to give the nomination of the book. With the movie "Wolf Totem" was nominated for best actor William Feng also attended the nomination ceremony, holding a certificate and trophy, he said as the new award, was nominated to meet, thank to him and the audience recognized the "Wolf Totem". Attend the ceremony: William Feng nominated for the award nomination was to meet the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers award ceremony will be held in September 24th, but in the day before the ceremony, many nominees unveiled the first conference hosted the nomination ceremony. As a choice by the audience, and the audience vote according to output awards, popular movie hundred flowers have also been called the "Audience Award for everyone". As of August 10th, has received a total of votes the award more than 26 million, a record high. The award ceremony of the final winner, will rely on 101 public judges rely on the scene by way of voting. The same day, from 101 public review in selected digital review, on behalf of the national audience and fans, from "behind the scenes" went to the front, as the nominee award. Rely on the movie wolf totem, the best actor nominated William Feng, the day as the nomination of the award, appeared in the ceremony. William Feng said, this can get inside the satisfaction Award nomination, and his other film nominees have seen, appreciate, I hope everyone can enjoy tomorrow at the ceremony: "I play in reading, only a simple wish, that is capable of shooting, because many of my classmates all go out, but no one came to me. Over the years, my desire has changed, that is to make the play, works to get recognized, this can be nominated, I have been very grateful audience support, because this is for me and my work recognized." Convey the "wolf son" William Feng: his situation is very important to me William Feng nominated film "Wolf Totem" by the French director jean. Jacques. Directed by Arno, William Feng played to grassland in his youth jump the queue. Because of an accident took a prairie wolf, and the wolf in stay together morning and night, he developed a deep friendship with him, while understanding the wolf can never tame wolf totem spirit. In order to shoot the "Wolf Totem", William Feng in Inner Mongolia prairie Ulgai spent nearly 8 months time, see prairie seasons, to tame wolves, the wolf raised a very hard shot. Thankfully, the "Wolf Totem" also made very dazzling achievements, in the 2015 spring festivalexhibition stalls made nearly $700 million at the box office, released in France also beat the Oscar winning film, record the best opening record. Recall the days in the grasslands, William Feng said, no longer have a second chance to take such a long time rooted in the grasslands: "lying down is the grass,"相关的主题文章: