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Will tie the hair of the old cadres! Wallace Huo was awarded the outstanding parents-dxperience

Will tie the hair of the old cadres! Wallace Huo won the "outstanding trainee parents" Wallace Huo show love to the stars a problem, such as "4" Dad where to find 3 people when the actor father never to experience the "father" of the post, an interpretation of reality version of "from the days of children drop". You know, even if the biological father takes care of adorable baby will be all sorts of problems, not to mention these accidental "fake"? However, in real life, indeed there are a lot of love and children of the star, although not yet when dad when mom, but has a special liking for "other kids", and taking the parents work, the children take care of the basic necessities of life has become a leader in properly and logically arranged, from the parents "the worthy of our" genuine parents "learning. Wallace Huo is a veteran father will tie the hair of the old cadres, rivers and lakes, there are a lot of veteran cadres on the legend, in the field of education fans, his deeds can be called classic. You may not be able to imagine, when such an old cadres are ready to when a father’s side, actually have the tenderness. Earlier, Wallace Huo recorded "Venus show", as a trainee in the program "daddy". In view of Ruby Lin more than 5 months of pregnancy, though there have been rumors that is a girl show seems intent to test Wallace Huo, invited two looks lovely Lolita, let Wallace Huo give one’s hair. Unexpectedly, Wallace Huo’s performance to expected, he not only skillfully helped the Roxy leezza a ball head, while still finishing carefully for the little girl finishing broken hair, full of a "daughter control" appearance, so fans shouted: "I want to be the daughter of Wallace Huo". The highest achievement of probation is not Daddy, so? It seems that Wallace Huo’s "genuine adorable baby" lucky, was born, my father trained a good skill. Ma Tianyu is holding the baby industry master who took care of the children who know, embrace baby is actually the door of the University asked. Hold is not good, it is easy to cause the baby’s crying, meat industry actor to make many jokes in holding baby, or is this William Chan like arms traffickers, or the king, the arms like "eat the child", and hold good benchmark figure, must be Ma Tianyu. Ma Tianyu has been exposed Zhuo Wei has a 2-year-old illegitimate child, he took care of the child’s candid camera with a hand, delicacy temptation and hug their turns, no wonder it is mistaken for your child (after clarification is the sister’s child). In fact, Ma Tianyu also secretly love children, is a child to see her baby spree, holding, recorded the show to see children also want to hold in the studio, even the pink ribbon baby go to him at the airport, he passed to a hug. The action was so great that it is no wonder that the children in his arms happy laugh. Shawn Yue is a master of the children don’t wear improper fashion wear children fashion, fashion fields require a special piece of not too old, but can not blindly pursue the lovely and loss of individuality. Therefore, for the novice parents, wear is also an important learning, otherwise it will be like Tian Liang in "daddy go" first season, let Cindy through the countryside. In the world of children’s clothing, fashion Shawn Yue is a lot of their own experience.相关的主题文章: