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UnCategorized Many people are traveling in Iran without hiring an Iran tourist guide. They miss a range of things that they would notice if they read this article. As a national tourist guide in Iran with more than 10 years of experience, I can narrate lots of occasions when I’ve .e across some people traveling in Iran on their own telling me what they have seen during their trips in other cities and towns. By listening to them, I get to know what they have not seen. I do not blame anyone, but I feel I must explain this a bit further. Language Barrier Is Tackled by Iran Tourist Guides Tehran, the capital city of Iran, is a different story where you can find someone who can .municate at least a few words in English. Some, of course, know and speak a foreign language quite well. But, as soon as you leave Tehran and set off for another destination inside Iran, you will notice that less and less people can speak a foreign language. Sometimes, you have to ask for directions, information, etc. If you are in another big city like Isfahan, Shiraz, etc chances are somebody can help you if you are in particular areas of the city. If you are in some remote areas, such chance decreases and you will remain helpless or the body language may mislead you. Eventually, you lose time and miss something worth visiting or experiencing. An Iran tourist guide can help you in such occasions even if he/she doesn’t exactly have some information about some address, event, local attractions, etc. By knowing the language, this barrier is removed and he can get the information required. .plicated Cultural .plexities Are Solved by Iran Tourist Guides Iran is an ancient country with huge ethnic, linguistic, cultural, etc diversity. Having been born in Iran and traveling in Iran for several times and years, a local tour guide can tell you what it is that confuses you and why it is so. Sometimes you may encounter some issues that may seem unpleasant to you, because you have no previous experience related to such people, language, culture, etc. The eye contact, body language, facial expression, etc are different from region to region even inside Iran. A well-experienced Iran tour guide is sensitive enough to these subtle points and understands them well. He can help you get correct information and impression. I have seen lots of instances of unreasonable unexpected incidences where doors seem closed first. Actually, they are and it is not a matter of kidding, but there is always a way. And it is in such cases where an Iran tourist guide can get in and solve the issue with his/her tactfulness, intelligence, experience, etc. Information outside Guidebooks Are Available to Iran Tourist Guides Travel guidebooks about Iran are usually written by those who have been travelling in Iran for a short period of time. It is far less than sufficient to stay in a town and write about it from various points of view like anthropological, linguistic, historic, superstitious, ethnological, etc points of view. You cannot be an expert in all those fields and write about it during two-day stay in a particular area. So, mistakes are inevitable. Iran tourist guides have learned lots of these issues through experience. They have seen similar cases that may sound very weird to you first. So, they know how to deal with them, save your time and energy and push the tour against the time. As a result of getting to know some local people in each region, I’ve noticed that some new doors have been opened to me. Some people are keys to certain events, festivities, well-known experts, mavens, etc in their own .munities. Without them, you cannot make it to those unforgettable occasions. An Iran local guide can help you out through his/her connections to such local people. Tourist Guides Are Highly Trained in Iran In order to be.e a guide for tourists, you need to be qualified for it. For the entrance examination, one has to hold a bachelor degree and good .mand of a foreign language. The level of language that is expected for be.ing a tour guide in Iran is relatively high. Once accepted, they have to go through a six-month long course where they study several different things to be able to handle tours. Upon .pletion of the course, many of us feel that there is so much more about Iran that we have to learn during years. So, we start kind of a self-study to make sure that we can .e up with the type of expectations that exists in this industry. When experience is added to such education and put into practice, a huge pile of knowledge is built upon it and Iranian guides be.e quite professional in their careers. Working as such, one learns about the experiences of others traveling the world who visit Iran. We listen to them as they listen to us. We learn from each other and we love to tell one another about our experiences. No one is perfectly knowledgeable about everything, but time and effort add to it over the course of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: