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What are the symptoms of expectant mothers during pregnancy high blood glucose – maternal and child ddrtys

The mother during pregnancy high blood sugar symptoms of what? – Sohu is divided into two cases maternal diabetes in pregnancy, pre pregnancy is a pregnancy for existing diabetes, diabetes mellitus. The other is the occurrence of abnormal glucose tolerance during pregnancy, high blood glucose during pregnancy. Then the mother during pregnancy high blood sugar symptoms have? Next, we listen to this detailed introduction of Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital maternity experts, hope you have some help. The mother during pregnancy high blood sugar symptoms have? Professor Jin said the following: 1, when thirsty mothers regularly feel thirsty, and there is no reason, the pregnant mother began to carefully observe there is no other symptoms of early gestational diabetes appears. 2, fatigue and blood glucose can not enter the cell, the lack of energy cells, so high blood sugar expectant mothers often feel tired and weak, poor mental condition. According to the report, 23 of diabetic patients have symptoms of weakness, even more than the number of thin. 3, if the mother found their own urine and increased frequency of urination, urine volume increased significantly, 24 hours can be 20 times, urine volume reached 2-3 or even more than 10 liters, this time should be suspected he might have a blood sugar problem, suggestions in time to the hospital. 4, the hungry mother due to high blood sugar, blood glucose can enter the cell, not to use cell, stimulate hunger central brain excitement, make the mother very prone to hunger, which causes the frequency of eating and food intake increased significantly. But because the pregnant woman is a person’s mouth, two people’s appetite, so it is easy to be ignored, that is a normal reaction. 5, thin if the mother found that their food intake increased, but instead become thinner, it is necessary to be careful. Because if the mother high blood sugar, glucose utilization decreased, increased lipolysis, protein synthesis, accelerate the decomposition, by weight, such as polyuria, loss of body water will aggravate the symptoms of emaciation. Similarly, the longer the course of disease, the higher the blood glucose, the more severe the disease, the more obvious the thinner. The establishment of Taiwan high risk pregnancy clinic: Taiwan by Dean Professor Jiang Liming and Professor Jin Yanzhi of gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes and other high-risk groups of high-risk outpatient service. Equipped with high-risk maternal and fetal monitoring and treatment equipment, comprehensive treatment, independent blood bank + high-risk outpatient service, safety and security. Reminder: the mother during pregnancy high blood sugar symptoms have? On this issue, will introduce you to this, if you have any questions about the contents of the words, can at any time on issues related to call the hotline 400-6100-120 24h guests and clinicians to communicate one on one, you and your health is our common wish!相关的主题文章: