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Wenzhou wine driving men intersection change seat check was monitored under the supervision of the police run against the traffic police inspection, two men in the car do not admit that they are the driver. What kind of cat and cat is there? Listen to the teacher Bodaolai. This is: drunk man drove the car, crossing a hide check; first tricky camera, on suspicion of drunk driving to escape punishment. According to the Wenzhou city traffic police detachment five brigade police on duty in September 21st, around 8 p.m., they in Longwan District Yongqiang Avenue intersection card on duty, found in front of the intersection of a car suddenly stopped, then sitting in the driver’s seat and the copilot seat two men off exchange position. When the police saw it, they immediately stopped and questioned the car. When the man on the driver’s seat was very frightened, he told the police that the car was originally opened by duer on the vice driving seat. Duer said he was driving unsafe, and he changed the location to let him drive. Surprisingly, duo, sitting on the side driver’s seat, did not admit that it was his own car. The police let two people take a breath alcohol test, Wu found no alcohol in the passenger seat of Du an alcohol content of 76 mg / 100 ml, on suspicion of drunk driving, but Dumou still does not recognize their own car, the police will be two parties back to the traffic police team further investigation. Subsequently, the police took the video surveillance of the vehicle through the route. The monitoring picture showed that Du was sitting on the driver’s seat to start the car, and then Wu sat on the side of the driver’s driver’s seat, and the car came along the six road along the coast. In this way, Du still does not admit that he has drunk driving. The next morning, when Dumou in evidence, finally admitted his drunk driving facts. It is understood that Du is 31 years old, Hubei to the temperature workers. Dumou account, the incident he ate in the Wu family Hot pot friends that night, drink a cup of red bayberry wine, after two people discuss out. He drove out from Yongfeng City home, did not expect to encounter the police near the Yongqiang Avenue intersection. He had been punished by traffic police for drunk driving. If he was punished again for drunk driving this time, he would face the punishment of revoking his driving license and detention. He was lucky enough to change his position with Wu. After the blood test results showed that Du’s blood alcohol content of 85 mg 100 milliliters, has been suspected of drunk driving. At present, duo has been detained by the police, and the case is being further investigated.

温州酒驾男路口换座躲检查 被监控拍下难逃惩罚碰上交警检查,车内两名男子都不承认自己是驾驶员。这其中藏着怎样的猫腻?且听老师伯道来。这正是:男子酒后把车驾,路口换座躲检查;猫腻早被监控拍,涉嫌醉驾难逃罚。据温州市交警支队五大队值班民警介绍,9月21日晚上8点左右,他们在龙湾区永强大道路口设卡执勤时,发现前方路口有一辆车子突然停下,随后坐在驾驶座与副驾驶座的两名男子下车互换了位置。民警见状,随即上前将车拦下询问,这时驾驶座上的男子吴某非常惊慌,忙告诉民警车子原本是副驾驶座上的杜某开的,杜某说自己开车打电话不安全,和他调换了位置,让他来开。令人意外的是,坐在副驾驶座上的杜某坚决不承认是自己开的车。民警让两人接受呼气式酒精测试,发现吴某没有饮酒,副驾驶座上的杜某体内酒精含量达76毫克 100毫升,涉嫌酒后驾驶,但杜某仍然不承认自己开车,民警将两名当事人带回交警队进一步调查。随后,民警调取车辆途经路线的视频监控查看。监控画面显示,当时杜某坐在驾驶座上启动车子,随后吴某坐上副驾驶座,车子沿着滨海六路一路开过来。可就是这样,杜某仍然不承认自己酒后开车。次日上午,酒醒后的杜某在证据面前,终于承认自己酒后开车的事实。据了解,杜某今年31岁,湖北来温务工人员。杜某交代,事发当晚他在朋友吴某家中吃火锅,喝了一杯杨梅酒,酒足饭饱后两人商量出去玩。他便驾车从市区永丰家园驶出,没想到在接近永强大道路口时遇上民警。他曾因酒后驾驶被交警处罚过,如果这次再因酒驾被处罚,将面临吊销驾驶证和拘留的处罚,于是抱着侥幸心理,和吴某换了位置。其后的血检结果显示,杜某血液中酒精含量达85毫克 100毫升,已经涉嫌醉酒驾驶。目前,杜某已被警方刑拘,案情正在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: