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Wenger 20 years of classic quotations: Alex Mourinho choking money ye also criticized Wenger and Arsenal twenty years love sina sports news Wenger has entered the 20 year mark in Arsenal’s coaching career, during which the French coach led the Gunners to win 15 trophies, and has created a whole season unbeaten Premiership "invincible fleet". As a foreign coach earlier came to England, Wenger in the face of the British media is a tricky and frequent, leaving countless classic. "Yesterday I tried to watch spurs in the hotel, but I fell asleep." In his first press conference, Wenger has a sarcastic rival Tottenham Wenger learned something "in Japan during the coach from sumo, I found one from watching sumo. After the game, you can’t see who won, because they don’t show their emotions, so as not to embarrass the losing party. It’s hard to believe, so I try to keep my team polite. Only in England, everyone will have one win after." As a "Confucianism handsome", Wenger talked about why he let the team keep gentle and polite "I didn’t see." When asked about any of his players not polite behavior, Wenger almost every time that the team as a team of "beauty is like a beauty, if you don’t tell her, she will forget their beauty." "One of the parable this season we got 9 red cards in many classic Wenger played, but perhaps only half of which is the red card." – what is the nature of the discussion about the referee? "I think the team spirit is a bit like a flower, you must take good care of it, and take care of it every day, otherwise it will slowly fade. On the other hand, if you take good care of it, you can make it bigger, better, and more beautiful." Another classic example, "I’m a storm protector." When the players by the media to censure, Wenger promised to protect the players "I am not a doctor, I’m just a football coach." Of course, Wenger’s power is limited…… "If you eat roe sauce, then it is very difficult to eat sausage." 1998 – a match at Highbury encounter fans booed Wenger said, "it’s like a ice cream you can eat to the child, when he didn’t get the ice cream when it will be confused and nervous." When Arsenal lost the top of the Barclays Premier League, Wenger describes such feelings and Sir Ferguson dazuizhang "who feel their most beautiful wife." Wenger and Sir Ferguson repeatedly compete for the Premier League, when Sir Alex said the 2001-02 season was better than third of Manchester United Champions Arsenal, Wenger made such a response "Ferguson lost his mind. He wanted to take the initiative to seek a conflict, and then let the other side of the conflict to apologize to him. This time, he was a bit of a big boy." Sir Alex Ferguson) – choking相关的主题文章: