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Wait for the market to fund breaking the four quarter operating mainly in blue chip fund channel candy boy

Wait for the market to fund breaking the four quarter operating still mainly blue chip stocks – fund channel reporter Xu Jinzhong last week, the first half of the week the market continued a trend, after Thursday affected the Fed interest rate hike news, A shares to be seen. But the overall market is still maintaining a relatively thin stock market price. Fund managers believe that the current market situation remains to be broken, the three or four quarter of the year, with an absolute return on the target investors may be able to perform, and thus drive the market to do more power. However, the current market structure is quite complex, difficult to see the trend of the market, the absolute return investors money effect is not obvious. The fourth quarter, the fund operation mechanism in the market is still dominated by blue chip stocks, stocks also have some quality or performance, sector allocation recommendations concern electronics, new materials, media industry, military, medical, consumer and environmental protection plate and other opportunities. Short term is difficult to have a tendency to last week, the market is relatively dull, especially in the first half, in the Fed’s interest rate meeting and other factors under the influence of uncertainty, A shares into the less dynamic look more stage. Among them, in September 20th, the market failed to extend the festival start trend, A shares once again to start concussion, eventually fell 0.1% to end the day trading. The popularity of the market downturn, the volume low-spirited, diurnal fluctuation amplitude is only 0.4%, only 12 points, a 14 year low amplitude refresh. Two cities total turnover of 356 billion yuan, the industry sector was mixed. Although the second half of the week, the Fed is not affected by the interest rate and other factors, the market performance, but the market is shrinking and continuation of the stock of the game game trend. In this regard, the public fund managers believe that last week’s market dismal market affected by many factors. Among them, the Fed’s interest rate meeting makes the market funds wait and see mood strong, in addition, the recent economic data released in the empty window period, the macroeconomic data and policies of the perturbation market is relatively small. But during the Mid Autumn Festival, national day as a holiday for two days, the market is obviously affected by the holiday, "a lot of public and private equity fund managers choose two during the holiday vacation, institutional funds dormant does not move, is to strengthen the market pattern of weak shocks." Shanghai, a private agency said. Everbright Securities analyst Zhao Yang believes that the market think Hugh atmosphere, I am afraid to find the market enthusiasm after the national day. Huizhou three want to invest in the Federal Reserve is not expected to raise interest rates, the rise in overseas markets will play a positive role in the domestic market in the short term, but the overall impact is limited, A shares have its own operating rules. Before the National Day holiday market rate will remain volatile pattern, the continuation of the structural market. Before the influence of short-term market movements, in the long term, institutional investors believe that the market trend is difficult to have a chance, is still in the stock of game shock weakening stage, but the market "static" or brewing up. There are institutional investors said, at the turn of the three or four quarter, is the traditional layout of the annual results of the time, whether the public offering institution of private institutions with absolute return objectives or to the relative ranking oriented or have a new action to win the annual income and annual ranking. Look forward to usher in the fourth quarter of the dismal market break, if private equity and other absolute income.相关的主题文章: