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VR industry in the future to see millet and hammer heating up txplatform

VR industry in the future to see millet and hammer etc. this warming October is destined to become the key factor to influence the VR industry to January, in the past year VR industry from unknown to the capital blitz and return to reason, to meet standards, such as hardware manufacturers, production of low content scarce these will appear in each problem a hardware industry, capital in the "winter" voice was again enlarged, in the outsider VR industry seems to enter a "bottleneck". In this sensitive moment, Google, Oculus, SONY, millet, hammer and other influential manufacturers will launch products, they can give this cool after the industry to bring new heat?     in October 4th, Google held a new conference in the fall, the launch of the VR headset device for the Daydream platform, released software and cooperation projects at the same time, including the compatible Daydream platform mobile phone Pixel. Google will release a Daydream platform based on the development of VR head Daydream View, while the release of the new Android mobile phone Pixel has also been identified to support Daydream. The price of up to $79 head, the biggest highlight is the handle and interaction. All along, Google has an important position in the field of VR. Andriod huge installed capacity to make people believe that Google will not let go of the new media VR. Previously, Google through a simple Cardboard, the concept of virtual reality to the general public, then put forward the Daydream platform in this year’s I O conference, want to re create a mobile VR Android. We can now see many so-called VR glasses, whether it is uneven in quality hardware and software performance itself or mobile phone, to the user experience is not very good, but the Daydream specification of the access threshold. If the annual Google I O conference, Daydream can not fully carry everyone’s expectations, the fall conference, the VR industry to promote the how much remains to be seen. Daydream View and Pixel phones are not cheap, and can not directly bring popularity, especially this year, it is likely that there will not be outside the Daydream Ready Pixel phone. However, Daydream View to determine the industry standards, it is likely to bring a wave of Chinese cottage, 79 yuan or even lower head may have been on the road.     5-7 October, Oculus Connect 3 conference will be held in the United States in California, San Jose, then we will see Oculus the latest research results, including 38 games and hardware products, and even the long delayed Oculus Touch will also be unveiled. There are three points on the OC3: first, VR social: Oculus and Facebook integration more deeply, and between Facebook and Samsung in February this year set up.相关的主题文章: