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Victoria Song the school is a – powder grew up playing the main very happy – Beijing-disise.com

Victoria Song: the school is a "-" "powder" grew up playing the main very happy – Beijing as 13 years of youth "-" IP, has accumulated a large number of fans, in the play as "pear" actress Victoria Song, is also one of the "powder". The day before the interview, Victoria Song repeatedly said: "when going to school to see Guo Jingming’s" city of fantasy ", was impressed with the lead actress can really grow up happy." The deepest impression is with "green screen" filming for the first time appeared in costume fantasy drama, often played for the city of love drama Victoria Song was a new challenge, the crew all brought her curiosity, let her call "good fresh". In addition to fresh, fantasy drama scene, all the moves are processed by late effects, so it is casting a spell, or animal dialogue, or the background of the drama, all the actors to shoot my own imagination. Victoria Song once said: "when I work in the air many times when there was no accident caused and I take the drama William Feng laugh. If someone was in the studio to watch, will see a group of "patients", one hundred and eight thousand miles, the mouth also comes with voice ‘Bang’ ‘call’ ‘ah’, with the invisible force to fight each other to just." Such effects accounted for most of the fantasy drama, is also a test for the actor’s accomplishment, although the beginning of Victoria Song slightly jerky, but with her for the role of the figure and continuous self-improvement, Victoria Song for physical performance has been very much at home, and even joked that "today is not a green screen background feel strange feeling". Not afraid of controversy just do the best "-" in the "pear" the role of popularity in the fans is very high, her courageous character is to let Victoria Song in an interview full of praise: "she dare to love and hate, love can give everything, very specific, it is difficult to meet in real life." Victoria Song also admitted that this time the pear falls and the role of the past to show the image is very different, this is more like a "female warrior", "character is tough". The first contact with such a role, Victoria Song said: pear no matter how hard it will adhere to the energy, and I am very like." In the TV series keep messenger pear "-" in the fall for the valiant and heroic in bearing sweet, has always been to show people the image of Victoria Song is a new experience, whether you want to subvert the sweet face image, Victoria Song said: "the subversion or change not only, more is to try some of their own no tried the role." In addition, as IP’s thirteen years of female one, Victoria Song faced controversy and there was a lot of pressure, in the face of the pressure, "pear" she joked: "the pressure is the power ah, I will continue to work hard." (Chen Da)相关的主题文章: