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Valentine .bo For Loved Ones-sichen

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Gift your loved one a perfect and memorable valentine! This is cute and wonderful pendant set of three that is definitely going to win billions of hearts! So get this exclusive pendant set for your girl friend and give her your true wishes. These are real natural diamonds which .es with A-Certificate from well-known brand AG. You can check at local jewellery store for the same as well where you can get confirmed resale value of diamonds and silver anywhere in India. Style and Looks These are beautifully designed pendants from a new brand recently launched in market named AG. You can get three certified real diamond pendants and one gold plated sterling silver chain which is with a sixteen inch long chain. The color of pendant is close to white and is Gold plated on Sterling Silver .pletely with a brand new appearance and style. After wearing round neck this is going to give that special look and you will experience all fun- around feel for carrying cute designer chain with diamond pendant. Lovely & Attractive Features Lovely pendants with graceful attractive features! These are over all newly designed pendants that are rich with I2 clarity with a round cut and it measures 0.06 carats in total with 0.02 for per pendant. Diamonds are nearly white in color. These are round in shape and two are silver and one golden in color. All these are certified diamond pendants so just don’t worry about their purity at all. Since these are 18 carat gold plated and on sterling silver that means with non-tarnishing plating, they are definitely going to last long, however continuous exposure to water or humidity may turn the metal black after long wear. These pendants are packed in simple plastic boxes. Final Words Make up your mind for gifting newly designed pendants for your loved one this valentine! Also do not think about your budget as you are going to present a most wonderful thing for your day to make special and memorable in life. Think for your love and gift her nice collection that will remain in her heart and soul forever!! Most important is you can get free home delivery and pure certified diamonds that are .ing with life-long exchange warranty against any manufacturing defects from brand itself. So grab this offer now!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: