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Use A Free Viral Ebook As Your Sales Weapon For Viral Residual Affiliate Wealth-invictus gaming

UnCategorized This is the best way I know of creating multiple streams of residual (recurring) in.e and most affiliate marketers don’t use this technique yet. It allows you to harness the net’s truely amazing power for viral marketing. Outside of the Internet viral marketing might just mean word of mouth from your happy customers to spread your sales message. But the high speed digital world of the ‘net means your affiliate links branded into a free eBook will spread like wild fire with a little encouragement from you. Why? Because people love valuable free information that shows them how they can make a lot of money on the ‘net. Some of the people that get your branded copy of the ebook will send it on to their friends and their subscribers and then some of these people will send it on and so on, creating a whirlwind effect. Ideally you want your affiliate links inside the free ebook to be for multi tier affiliate programs as well as single tier programs, so you get paid on the sales of your referrals and on the sales you make from people when they follow your affiliate links in your version of the ebook. The branding process should be very quick and easy, whereby you just enter your affiliate IDs into spaces, such as entering your Clickbank nickname. Your free ebook should also contain your links to free viral traffic and free viral list building programs. This means that you’ll be .bining viral programs very easily which is extremely powerful. To do this, you just need to join these free viral programs and enter your IDs into the free ebook when you brand it as before. Time for some hard truths. Whilst viral marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise on the net, you will have to do some initial marketing of your free viral ebook. But this doesn’t have to be expensive though and the fact is, there are no get rich quick schemes and every legitimate legal business has at least some costs. It’s just that if you harness viral marketing, your costs will be reduced dramatically and you’ll probably earn far more than from your advertising dollar. So even though the hard work of creating a free valuable ebook and download page should be done for you, you’ll need to fuel and seed the viral processes. Here are some really cheap ideas to advertise your site: – You can get signs made for your car that have your web address on. Get your family and maybe friends to put them on their cars too. – You can create rubber ink stamps with your web address on and stamp all your outgoing mail. – Have leaflet drops done. The leaflets should be delivered on week days to businesses and on the weekends to peoples’ homes. – Put some of these leaflets on notice boards – just get them exposed as much as you can. As you can see, these are offline advertising methods and these are often better than advertising online due to more .petition online. Whilst viral marketing is free and highly effective, search engine optimization on the other hand, for example, is definitely not cheap – requiring ongoing expense and effort to stay on top of the free listings and even then it’s a crap shoot as to whether you’ll get indexed high up. Because the leading search engines change their algorithms so often, even if you do get a good position for a while – you can all but drop out of the listings in a moment when their algorithms change. But if you want to use the free listings on the search engines for promotion, having a lot of backlinks to your site to get a good page rank will help no end (not reciprocal links) and there are very cheap ways of doing this. All I’m saying is that by harnessing the power of viral marketing, you’re using a far easier and cheaper way to advertise and using paid listings on the search engines to promote your free viral ebook can work very well to set the ball in motion. To sum up – if you don’t harness viral marketing, very often you’ll just end up spending a dollar to get back about a dollar. If you do use viral marketing though and your promoting proven products with effective, well tested sales pages, you can make a fortune on the . as many people do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: