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UnionPay international and the Russian national payment card company launched the first issue of coo 3u8547

The International Union for the first time with the Russian national payment card issuing company to carry out cooperation in new network in new Beijing on 14 September, (reporter Liu Changzhong) reporter learned from the Chinese cup, cup international and Russian national payment card company (NSPK) 14 in Shanghai signed a cooperation agreement to start issuing cooperation for local residents, local and international card travel to provide new payment options, better support two-way communication between China and russia. Chinese UnionPay official said, the International Union and NSPK to carry out the issuing cooperation, a is issued by MIR at the same time, UnionPay debit card can be accepted on both sides of the use of the network significantly expanding Russian residents in the inside and outside of the card; two is to promote large-scale Russian mainstream institutions UnionPay card, speeding up Russia’s UnionPay card the localization of business development process; three is to promote financial cooperation between China and russia. 2014, the Russian central bank set up a national payment card system operating company NSPK, is responsible for the transfer of all international card brands in Russia issued a local transaction card to ensure the continuity and security of these card transactions. NSPK also created a local payment card brand MIR, and vigorously promote the issuance and acceptance of the Russian bank MIR card, to promote the development of electronic payment. Currently, NSPK has participated in 130 banks in Russia, MIR card acceptance network has continued to expand. The International Union official said, "with The Belt and Road" strategy, and actively promote the International Union and the Russian market to participate in the cooperation of the parties, in recent years, Russia’s UnionPay card business breakthrough. NSPK has the advantage in the Russian market, and China UnionPay international acceptance network has covered 160 countries and regions, China UnionPay, MIR double identification card can use the MIR network in the Russian territory, but also in the UnionPay card acceptance network fully accepted, realizes the complementary network service. At present, Russia has more than 30 businesses and more than 40 thousand ATM can use UnionPay cards, mainly in Moscow, St Petersburg and other cities airports, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies and other places. In addition, the local has 10 major institutions issued more than 500 thousand UnionPay cards, these cards in Russia, China and other countries and regions in the use of nearly 60, becoming more and more Russian residents favorite payment tools. (end)相关的主题文章: