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The first official criticized Russia in hacking operations – International – people.com.cn original title: the first official criticized the Russian hackers in action on 8 October, xinhuanet.com Beijing (reporter Zheng Haoning) 7, U.S. government officials formally accused the Russian government has authorized and help us network hacking, attempting to influence this year. The election. This is the first official U.S. official criticized the Russian government. In this regard, Russian officials quickly responded, saying the U.S. accusations are nonsense "". The bilateral relations between Russia and the United States on the Syria crisis due to a slump in the face more challenges. [first position] U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence office 7, issued a joint statement, the first sentence is "named" the Russian government and the recent United States a number of political organizations and personal e-mail leaked directly. This is the first time the United States made a similar statement. Since June, the United States government while alluding to the Russian government involved in hacking constantly, but never directly named "". One of the Russian government’s joint statement is to identify evidence of WikiLeaks website and GUCCI 2. "Hackers used technologies and servers are used by government of russia. This is a photo of the supporters of the WikiLeaks site in London, England, in August 21, 2013. (AP) in July of this year, the wiki secret exposure of nearly twenty thousand copies of the Democratic National Committee internal mail. While claiming to be hackers from Romania GUCCI announced in September 2. "The Democratic Party with the generous reward position large donations to the evidence. Two events caused by rendering a big wave, the Democratic Party can be described as the two hit. "The theft and disclosure act intended to influence the election process," the joint statement said, "we believe that these attacks from the scale and the sensitivity of view, only the most senior Russian officials to authorize these actions." At the same time, the statement also pointed out that some states of the electoral system was scanned and probed, the majority of the behavior of the server is a Russia Company. The statement then changed the subject, said "we are not attributed this behavior by the Russian government, intriguing attitude. [frequently] according to the joint statement issued only a few hours later, the Russian side has made a counter attack on this. Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said the United States accused? Is "nonsense", "garbage". "Every day (Russian President) Putin’s Web site was attacked by thousands of times. Many of the attacks can be traced back to the United States, "Per Skov said," we don’t always blame the White House or Langley (the CIA.)." Trump and Hilary. (Xinhua / new) Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton’s campaign has insisted that the internal mail was leaked by Russia, the purpose is to help Hilary’s opponent, Republican candidate Donald Trump a helping hand?. In this regard, the Russian government has always been strongly denied, saying that Russia intends to use e-mail to affect the U.S. election and other similar accusations are common in the u.s.. )相关的主题文章: