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U.S. media U.S. F15 catch up with the performance of the J-10 has taken measures to cope with the So-win7codecs

U.S. media: U.S. F15 catch up with the performance of the J-10 has taken measures to cope with the Sohu military channel map information: F -10. Arsenal November 10th news: according to the "national interest" magazine reported that the U.S. air force is a substantial upgrade in 80s the last century was launched F-15 fighter, installing new weapons and sensors for fighter, F-15 hopes to continue to maintain air superiority of China f -10. U.S. military officials said the U.S. air force is accelerating the upgrading of F-15’s electronic warfare system, hoping to better respond to enemy artillery attacks and electronic attacks. Boeing has obtained from the U.S. Department of defense manufacturing and development of F-15 Eagle fighter "passive and proactive early warning system of survival" contract, the contract amount of $478 million. F-15 Boeing vice president Mike – Gibbons said in a few months ago: "survival warning system will help identify the threat fighter factors, and by avoiding, deception and interference technology to actively resolve the attack." The U.S. Air Force plans to use the early warning system to replace the previous Tactical Electronic Warfare system". Tactical Electronic Warfare system is an electronic warfare system launched by the United States in the last century in 80s. The U.S. Air Force plans to allow the F-15 to service around 2045, so it is necessary to carry out a large-scale transformation of the electronic system of the fighter aircraft, so as to continue to maintain the advantages of the United States air. Boeing last year signed a preliminary contract with the U.S. Department of defense to develop a passive and proactive warning system of survival, and employ the British BAE systems, inc.. In addition to upgrading the electronic warfare system, the U.S. Air Force also plans to install ultra high speed computer systems for the F-15, a new type of infrared search and target tracking system, strengthen the networking capabilities and enhance the firepower of the fighter. The United States Air Force spokesman Rob Laeso major said: "the U. S. Air Force plans to make F-15 service until mid 2040s. Many of F-15’s systems are derived from the 70s of the last century. If you want to continue to maintain air superiority, must be upgraded. F-15C’s active electronically scanned array radar upgrade will be completed as early as 2021, the completion of the latest electronic warfare system in 2032." Chinese military technology has made substantial progress in the f -10 performance close to F-15 at present, the United States Air Force has a total of about 400 F-15C, D, E fighters. In a report released in 2014, the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission explained in detail the important reasons for the United States to upgrade F-15. The report describes the rapid development of China’s military technology, pointed out that the U.S. military advantage from the beginning of 80s last year, a sharp decline. The report said that in the 80s of last century, the performance of F-15 is far more than similar fighter. However, China’s military technology has made significant progress in the past few years, has narrowed the gap with the United states. At present, Chinese developed f -10 roughly comparable to F-15. By continuing to upgrade, the U.S. Air Force and Boeing will ensure that F-15 continues to have air superiority, no longer"相关的主题文章: