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Two departments to be proposed nuclear power plant siting and other matters should seek public comme beself

The two departments proposed regulations: nuclear power plant siting and other matters should solicit public opinion – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council website news, the drafting of the national development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau of Nuclear Power Management Ordinance (Draft) for public comment today. The draft stipulates that the construction of nuclear power plants need to organize social stability risk assessment, the siting of nuclear power plants should be taken to demonstrate, hearings, publicity or other ways to solicit public opinion. Nuclear power management regulations (Draft) of China’s nuclear power planning, site selection, investment, construction, operation, decommissioning and related activities. In the draft clearly, the state of the nuclear power project controlling shareholder or actual controller access system. The provisions of the examination and approval shall be the controlling shareholder or actual controller shall be the state owned assets supervision and administration authority to perform the duties of the investor and the enterprise must have the appropriate conditions. With regard to the construction of nuclear power plants, the provisions of the draft, the provincial people’s Government shall organize the social stability risk assessment of nuclear power plant construction, and as an important part of the project application report. To apply for the preliminary work of the project, the preliminary phase of the technical demonstration should be completed to meet the requirements of the depth of the nuclear power project preparatory work. The application documents shall include the site conditions, construction scale, construction plan, technical scheme, environmental impact assessment etc.. With regard to the operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, the provisions of the manuscript, the nuclear power item company can operate independently, you can also entrust a specialized operation of nuclear power companies. The provisions of the draft, nuclear power plant operation should obtain nuclear facilities operating permit. The entrusted specialized nuclear power operation company shall bear the corresponding operational responsibilities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the contract of entrustment. At the same time, need to perform operation certificates, reporting system, operation evaluation system. The tariff on nuclear power plant, the draft clearly, the State encourages new nuclear power plants formed through competition in the market price; not through market price formation, implementation of nuclear electricity policy. In the case of nuclear damage compensation, the provisions of the draft, nuclear power plant nuclear accident caused by nuclear damage, the responsibility for the identification and compensation in accordance with relevant state laws, administrative regulations and regulations. The State shall establish and improve the system of compensation for nuclear damage. The measures for the compensation for nuclear damage compensation shall be formulated separately. Nuclear item company should purchase nuclear damage compensation insurance. In the nuclear information disclosure and public participation, the draft clearly, the citizens, legal persons or other organizations may apply to the relevant departments for access to government information and nuclear related, the relevant administrative authorities shall make a reply in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations. Have administrative privileges on the following matters of administrative organs shall take seminars, hearings, publicity or other means to solicit public opinion: (a) the preparation of the national nuclear power development plan; (two) the location of nuclear power plants; (three) the approval or the approval of nuclear power projects; (four) other matters involving public interest. The provisions of the examination and approval, for the adoption of the views or not to adopt a timely response, and submitted to the examination and approval of the relevant documents or materials with the views of,相关的主题文章: