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Personal-Finance For Immediate Release Contact: Starr Cochran 520-326-3937 Tucson Author Helps Women Understand Money Matters with Her New Econodrama, "The Bread & Butter Chronicles TUCSON, Ariz., August 27, 2010 Gone are the days where women have no place in the boardroom, the operating room or the court roomyet, when it comes to personal finances, a surprising number of women still leave this chore to their husbands. And while its a good idea to divide household chores such as laundry and mowing the lawn, both halves of a couple should be aware of their complete financial portfolio, including investments, savings and debt. Why do women often take a back seat to their mates when it comes to matters of money? She may be used to having her husband handle the finances, she may not have a good understanding of finances or perhaps she simply doesnt have an interest in them. But this is a mistake that often isnt discovered until its too late. Its important for women to learn about financial subjects now, rather than be forced to at an inconvenient time, like when dealing with death or divorce, says Starr Cochran, a Certified Financial Planner. Ninety percent of women will have sole responsibility for their finances in their lifetime, yet 79 percent of women have not prepared for this. In an effort to help women become more engaged in their personal finances, Cochran penned the econodrama, The Bread & Butter Chronicles. This novel approach to learning about finances is a fictional account of four women facing life-changing eventsfor instance, one womans husband dies, leaving behind a secret mountain of debtthat force them into new awareness and responsibilities. A client inspired this book, says Cochran, a first-time author with more than 25 years of experience as a financial advisor and tax accountant. She told me she knew she needed to learn about money, but unless it was presented as a fun-to-read novel, shed never get it. The result is an engaging and informative read focusing on realistic female characters going through personal challenges readers can relate to. Cochran crafted her financial message in story form to make it more relevant and easier to understand, which helps readers recognize their own weaknesses when it comes to finances and gives them the tools to conquer this unknown territory. Her website, www.StarrCochran.com, provides interactive forms and information that complement her book and further help readers explore financial and business issues. Published by Starsys Publishing in Tucson, Ariz., The Bread & Butter Chronicles is available at www.Amazon.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: