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True quality promoting   service innovation research completed the Meilan Airport project, people.com.cn Hainan window – people.com.cn passenger bus car pull shot shot picture people.com.cn Hainan windows in Haikou in October 9, innovation is the first impetus to the development of enterprises, innovation is to grasp the development and innovation, is for the future. In order to adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development of Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Meilan Airport), it is imperative to transform the scientific and technological innovation achievements into development power. September, Meilan Airport through service technology innovation, smooth tackling key issues, completed passenger ferry car technical transformation project. Passenger ferry car is a necessary means for passengers to arrive from the departure lounge to the remote station. It is also an important equipment to ensure the passengers to enter and departure flights. At present, most domestic passenger ferry car pull rings are unified installation is rope type pull ring, with the increase of the use of time, the rope quality will decline, often will be broken by passengers, there are security risks. After understanding this problem, Meilan Airport technical transformation group after repeated investigations, and ultimately the use of Metro type pull ring replacement, in the maintenance of passenger safety at the same time, effectively enhance the passenger ride comfort. Is the subway tab compared to the rope pull advantage: 1. Steel ring instead of rope, both beautiful and stable; the subway type solid Griphook does not shake, avoid rubbing sway back and forth in the driving process touch passengers. At present, Metro type pull ring has been installed on 13 ferry vehicles, and will continue to promote the application. In addition, Meilan Airport found that passengers in the process of travel, often unconsciously reach the handrail of the pipe, it is easy to loose the pipe cover, leading to slip, resulting in security risks. In order to maintain the safety of passengers, Meilan Airport reformed the handrail pipe, blocked and welded the pipe ends with steel balls, totally reconstructed 13 cars, blocked 130 pipe ends of the handrails, and eliminated the hidden dangers in time. With passenger traffic increasing year by year, Meilan Airport is steadily moving towards a comprehensive international airport of 10 million degrees. The future, Meilan Airport will from the "software" and "hardware" in two aspects: to create SKYTRAX five-star airport, deepen scientific and technological innovation effect, improve service quality, accelerate the pace of information technology, to create "intelligent" airport; increase the investment of infrastructure and rich passenger flight experience, providing a warm and comfortable environment for passengers to travel. (Meng Fansheng Huang Yuguang Kuang Qiongzhu) (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 真情促品质 美兰机场攻关完成服务创新项目–人民网海南视窗–人民网 旅客摆渡车实拍图 车内拉环实拍 人民网海南视窗海口10月9日电 创新是引领企业发展的第一动力,抓创新就是抓发展,谋创新就是谋未来。为适应和引领海口美兰国际机场(以下简称“美兰机场”)经济发展新常态,将科技创新成果转换成发展力势在必行。9月,美兰机场通过服务技术创新,顺利攻关完成旅客摆渡车技改项目。 旅客摆渡车是旅客自候机厅到远机位乘机的必备通行工具,是保障进、出港航班运送旅客的重要设备。目前国内大部分的旅客摆渡车拉环均统一安装的是绳索式拉环,随着使用时间的增加,绳索质量会下降,经常会被旅客拉断,存在安全隐患。了解到此项问题后,美兰机场技改小组经过反复调研,最终采用地铁式拉环代替,在维护旅客安全的同时,有效提升了旅客乘车的舒适度。 地铁式拉环相较于绳索式拉环的优势在于:⒈用钢圈代替绳索,既美观又稳固;⒉地铁式拉环稳固不晃动,避免了在行车过程中来回晃动擦碰旅客。目前地铁式拉环已经在13台摆渡车上完成安装,后续将持续推广应用。 此外,美兰机场发现,旅客在乘车过程中,经常会无意识地伸手到扶手的管口,极易将管盖拧松导致滑落,造成安全隐患。为维护旅客安全,美兰机场对扶手管口进行改造,将管口用钢珠堵住并焊死,共对13辆车进行改造,共堵住130个扶手管口,及时消除了安全隐患。 随着客流量的逐年攀升,美兰机场正稳步向千万级综合性国际化机场迈进。未来,美兰机场将从“软件”、“硬件”两个方面着手:致力SKYTRAX五星机场创建,深化科技创新效应,提升服务品质,加快信息化建设步伐,打造“智慧型”机场;加大基础设施投入,丰富旅客乘机体验,为旅客提供温馨舒适的出行环境。(孟凡盛 黄裕光 邝琼珠) (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: