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Chronic-Illness Tinnitus sufferers resort to over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, homeopathy and tinnitus home remedies in hope to reduce their tinnitus symptoms. The trouble with over-the-counter medications is the concern of the side effects they can cause, including head reeling, nausea, acute constipation, exhaustion, vertigo, loss of control, and Irregular Bowel Syndrome. Tinnitus herbal remedies, such as Gingko biloba or black cohosh are claimed to improve blood circulation in the upper body and thus lessen the severity of tinnitus. However, tinnitus herbal remedies are not treating the condition at its root cause, but merely conferring relief to a certain extent. Lately, homeopathy is one of the more popular treatment modalities among tinnitus sufferers, not all of them achieved total relief with those methods though. The only way that is left is tinnitus home remedies to rely upon. Does home remedy really work? Well, for tinnitus home remedies to be effective, they need to to be able to address the contributing causes of tinnitus. To achieve this, you have to first find out what is causing your tinnitus. The causative factor might be a single factor or multiple co-existing problems that lead to tinnitus. Some of the important factors leading to tinnitus include: * Consistent exposure to loud noises. * Infection in the middle ear, build up of earwax. * Insufficient blood supply in the upper body * Certain types of food and drink, such as red wine, cheeses, chocolates, grain-based alcohols. * Long-term use of certain medications, such as NSAIDs. Common home remedies for tinnitus include: 1. Gingko biloba "" to help rush blood and encourage better circulation in the head and neck region, conferring some relief in a more positive way. 2. Bayberry bark, hawthorn lead, burdock root, myrrh gum and goldenseal are several commonly used herbal remedies for tinnitus sufferers. 3. Co-enzyme Q10, taken at a dose of 300 mg daily, can also improve the upper body blood circulation and raising the immune system, which in turn provide relief to tinnitus. 4. Raw garlic taken daily can also offer respite from tinnitus. The home remedies for tinnitus do dampen the symptoms for a short while, but symptoms will reappear once the remedy is withdrawn. Tinnitus home remedies are effective when used in conjunction with holistic remedies. Holistic remedies treat the whole body system instead of dealing with the individual tinnitus symptoms. The holistic approach goes in-depth to find out all the root causes to tinnitus before appropriate treatments can be specified. Holistic treatments include changing your diet and lifestyle; acupuncture and acupressure may also be used if necessary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: