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TOYOTA global production fell 4.7% in July, Japan’s sales grew by 9.8%-txplatform

In July TOYOTA global output fell in July this year, the global sales data released 4.7% Japanese sales growth of 9.8%, Japan’s Toyota Auto Body Co, in July the company’s global production fell 4.7%, of which overseas production fell by 9.2%, sales grew 9.8% in japan. July of this year, Toyota Auto Body Co global production fell 4.7% to $823059, of which overseas factory production fell by 9.2% to 453762 units, the local plant production in Japan grew by 1.5% to 369297. In July, TOYOTA’s three division only global output growth, including TOYOTA’s global production increased by 0.8% to 295230 vehicles, Hino global output fell 6.8% to 13009 vehicles, large compared to the same period rose 16.5% to 61058 vehicles. The first 7 months of this year, the cumulative global Toyota Auto Body Co automobile production rose by 0.4% to 5856176 vehicles, of which Japan output fell 2.4% to 2332865 vehicles, the overseas factory output grew 1% to 3523311 vehicles. In July the Toyota Auto Body Co in the Japanese market sales rose 9.8% to 203002 vehicles, of which TOYOTA rose 9.5% to 150483 vehicles, with year-on-year growth of 10.7% to 47897 vehicles, an increase of 9.3% to 4622 vehicles hino. July Toyota Corporation exports from Japan to overseas markets grew by 2% to 164840. In the first 7 months of this year, TOYOTA’s cumulative sales in the Japanese market grew by 1.2% to 1326379 units, exports from Japan to overseas markets for a total of $1010241, down by 3.8%.相关的主题文章: