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Touch the fire button dozens of passengers anxious to wear down the stairs www.h4610.com

Hit the fire button dozens of passengers have flustered dressing down – Beijing, Beijing morning news (reporter field Konka) 5 points yesterday morning, Hanting Hotels Beijing West Railway Station North Square suddenly sounded the fire alarm intensive, Mr. Ouyang and other dozens of passengers were awakened after their dressing down. Mr. Ouyang said he came to Beijing to play with the home for the elderly, "an old man, heard the siren rushed down the stairs quickly, terrified." Dozens of people gathered in the hotel reception after being informed and no fire appeared. Yesterday, the reporter went to the Hanting Hotels, duty manager, said there was no fire, but mistakenly touch the fire alarm button to trigger a oolong. Mr. Ouyang told reporters that he recently brought his parents and father-in-law, mother-in-law to play in Beijing, for the convenience of the map to live in Beijing West Railway Station North Plaza Hanting Hotels. "I feel pretty good, but left this oolong." Mr. Ouyang recalled that at 5 in the morning, he was awakened by the alarm in the building. "Let’s say there is an emergency. Let’s not panic." Mr. Ouyang said he quickly put on clothes, go to the next room to wake up four people, again saw a lot of people in the corridor. "There was no smoke and fire, and I took a couple of old men out of the emergency passage." Mr. Ouyang said, the older the legs is not very agile, encountered fire after being scared. To the first floor to see dozens of people gathered in front of the front on the three, "a staff, asked what all don’t know." Reporters at the time to engage in the picture to see, when the hall gathered a lot of people, someone carrying a bag, someone dragged the suitcase, all look flustered. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the Hanting Hotels, duty manager Ms. Lu told reporters, in the morning because hit the fire button to "own" alert, not real fire. Our staff are also living in the hotel, after the incident came down quickly, explained to the passengers, but also apologized." For why the wrong touch fire button, Ms. Lu said it is still further understanding. Clues: Mr. Ma相关的主题文章: