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Top 3 Reasons To Use Keyword Domains-verbal jint

SEO Choosing a domain name for your website can be one of the most critical decisions you make. Just as the Realtors will tell you, it’s all about location, location, location with physical property; so it is on the Web. Many people will opt for a URL that uses their .pany name. That can be a good way to go. However, keyword domains offer 3 important advantages that you might not have considered. Before you make that all-important decision, take the following into account. Search Engine Optimization Matt Cutts of Google, as well as the vast majority of expert search engine optimizers, have confirmed that having keyword domains does give you a Brownie point or two with search rankings. Matt has several videos available on the Google channel on YouTube that deal with keyword domains and their use. In addition, the Google Grants website offers a slideshow that walks through SEO basics. In this presentation, they list targets for optimization. On that list they include "URL pathways and vanity URLs." You can visit Google or Bing or other engines and type in a search query (organic chocolate, for example). Looking through the search engine results page (SERP), you’ll see the instances where the words in this search string are bolded. That includes the words used in URLs. Easy Customer Recall Customers begin almost all web visits with a stop at their favorite search engine. Whether they need to .pare insurance rates, find out why their dog has no energy or shop for the best price on new shoes, they use keywords. Because they already have the keywords in their mind when browsing the ‘Net, the phrase (or phrases) is easy for them to remember. They respond to headlines and copy that include those terms. Using keyword-rich domain names is just another step in helping customers easily recall the URL of your website. Think about your own experiences. How often have you forgotten to bookmark a website and then later thought to yourself, "What was the name of that great site I found the other day with info on creating a senior home office?" Customers remember the keyphrase they had in mind when searching, but they’ve forgotten the name of the business. If the URL was a keyword domain, the surfer would quickly recall, "Oh It was SeniorHomeOffice..!" When they remember, they are more likely to grace you with repeat visits. Viral Marketing Viral marketing sites are .ing into their own on the forefront of cross-channel marketing. You’ve probably seen examples on television where a particular brand (General Electric, for instance) uses URLs different than their branded domain names for viral marketing purposes. HomeEnergySolutions.. is one such site. Make your domains easy for your target audience to remember by filling them with keywords. Whether you choose keyword domains for your primary URL, for parked URLs or for redirects, you’ll be giving a boost to your search rankings while helping others to remember your website for direct use or viral marketing. It’s something to consider before setting up shop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: