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Too tough fight! Ambush Xu bluntly play play crazy soil – Sohu Entertainment-pay.91860.net

Too tough fight! "Ambush" Xu Jia bluntly play soil crazy entertainment Sohu Xu Jia Xu Jia Xu Jia stills tough entertainment news media produced by Sohu "," tough guy "starring Xu Jia spy war drama" ambush "is Guizhou TV two night free, play a lot of wonderful scenes of the war make the audience very interesting. Shi Yongkai (Xu Jiashi) as the "ambush" actor, play, the war drama nature will not be less, but the Xu Jia military origin of these scenes can be said to be very much at home, "special forces" series, "my special camp" in Xu Jia is not out, fire swirling in a hail of bullets. In an interview with Xu Jia bluntly, he is very clear, the spy war drama in these bombings, strafed the scenes, are essential attraction for the audience, but he also joked that for the actors, all the sweat and tears! Every day on the ground of various roll, climb down, gray does not say, the explosion scene in addition to dangerous spark, more dust and soil is filled up. Xu Jia said with a smile, in order to give the audience showing these look wonderful exciting scenes, but their eating a lot of soil. For the role, in order to work, each play to fight as worthy of the name of Xu Jia. Please continue to lock Guizhou TV two night free large war drama "ambush". (small Duowen)相关的主题文章: