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Tokyo love story 25 years after the comic will not meet again Linxiang havd707

"Tokyo love story" 25 years after the comic will not meet again, Linxiang 1991, according to the comic book adaptation of the Chapman drama "Tokyo love story" after the launch, set off a ratings frenzy in asia. The emotional entanglement between the cure and Rika caused countless boys and girls resonance. Unfortunately, the two did not come together. The good news is that after a lapse of 25 years, the comic again. Cure and Rika will also meet again. According to Japanese media reports, "Big Comic Spirits" to commemorate the 35 anniversaries, the gate in January this year, has published the "Tokyo love story" years ~ After ~ 25 short stories by the next generation of marriage, narrative and cure 25 years Linxiang missing, this also ignited powder inside the wire the excited small flames, actively beg continued to drive. Recently finally came the good news: "Tokyo love story" a decision! The 7 series will be back in the November 10th issue of the "female SEVEN" magazine, and the sale of pamphlets in January 12th next year. Chapman said: "this paper will open, is the one with some sadness, but also to warm the hearts of works." "Tokyo love story" is about the realistic love story of young men and women. The Linxiang love not love colleagues, his high school crush in the United States, in the United States is the sweetheart three (at the same time, the Hebe "Love" is quite occasional). Three finally fell in love with Shang zi. The beauty of the lovelorn, originally with cure and Rika also suffered a major crisis, at that time in the United States alone frustrated, she found that her love is not being around. Finally, cure and Linxiang break up. Things going around, three years later, Mikami Yonaoko married the day, has become a couple in the United States and cure on the way home I met Rika, Rika to the cure is still the first smile. After a lapse of 25 years, fans expect most or if you can find Yuji Oda and Suzuki Honami two people to do the sequel would be the best. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: