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To pull the development of high-end empty net market has become a hotly contested spot – Sohu www.yofoto.cn

To pull the development of high-end empty net market has become a hotly contested spot – Sohu global sports event has just ended, the athletes performance Chinese Teams well, showing the people of the world. China athletes struggle upward sports spirit. If we say that relative to the ranking of the high and low, the charm of competitive sports lies in a time to challenge the limits of the human race, then the cruelty of commercial competition is to be reflected more vividly. In the empty net industry, with the rational return of consumers and the support of the new national standard policy, empty net products like chaos has been improved to a considerable extent, and the survival of the fittest will become the main theme of the empty net market. When it comes to air purifier, can not help reminiscent of is haze, although the winter haze occurred several months apart, but health problems caused by air pollution is not caused by a short duration of time, at any time to prepare, do is vital to the health prevention. From the consumer’s point of view, compared to a few years ago to talk about haze pale, the trend in recent years standard air purifier seemed to give consumers a shot in the arm, the data show that in 2016 on the retail market in the first half of the empty net market line under an increase of 36.6%; online market retail sales grew by 28.6%, the industry overall upward trend obviously. The new national standard — joy hall, is also buried bones despite the industry as a whole has been warmer, but the fierce competition in the industry is still the continuation of the empty net, after by the brand "like" to the basic norms of the industry development, the consumer for the empty net product from the cognitive blind panic buying transition to comply with the new GB standard with the promotion stage, four basic indicators of the new national standard in the minds of consumers of the importance of benchmarking, CADR value, CCM value and energy efficiency rating and noise value has become the best way of the empty net list of their own quality brand manufacturers. The detection data of authoritative data detection agencies in the PRC, show that in 2016 1-5 month CADR value in 400m? 3; more than h products, retail sales reached more than 40%, thus, the major brands more and more attention to the broad prospects in the high-end market, but the lack of core purification technology manufacturers will be more worrying the future. The new national standard, has become a high-end brand of joy hall, as well as a "buried bones fish in troubled waters" brand. On the one hand, Samsung, PHILPS and other foreign brands in the high-end flagship products gradually into the daily lives of consumers, increasingly recognized by consumers; on the other hand, the market over the net product type and quantity decreased rapidly after short-term increase becomes the trend, is also shown to gain a foothold in the dark empty net market, eventually to technology first. Foreign brands Avenue Road, still need to accelerate the development of Cemayangbian from the present situation of the domestic market, the domestic high-end 5000~10000 yuan in the empty net market is still a blue ocean, which gave Samsung, PHILPS and other foreign brands go out opportunity. 2015 online market share of the top 10 air purifier brand has 6 foreign brands, retail sales and more than half of the online market. The line of foreign brands in the market is showing a monopoly advantage, the top ten retail sales are foreign brands, retail sales accounted for more than 80%..相关的主题文章: