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To institute and University of Cambridge to build Buddhist cultural heritage Digital Museum – Beijin windjview

To institute and University of Cambridge to build Buddhist cultural heritage Digital Museum – Beijing, China News Agency, Shenzhen, November 2 (reporter Chen Wen) "the Buddhist cultural heritage digital museum project launch ceremony, held in Shenzhen on 2 to school. The museum is completed, will form to the exhibition and digital projection, in University of Cambridge and Shenzhen temple exhibition. Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Shenzhen, Chinese Temple abbot, to the dean of the school of Yinshun monk, the world fund of University of Cambridge, King’s college, the famous British anthropologist, historian, British protected endangered leader Alan professor Macfarlane attended the ceremony?. According to the British "University of Cambridge River" project director Wang Zilan introduced, both sides of this cooperation project for the British to protect endangered World Foundation and the wisdom of the East Shenzhen city public welfare foundation, the specific implementation by the University of Cambridge "River" project group and to institute. The two sides will jointly set up a project research committee and the project advisory committee, the United Kingdom to Alan, Professor Macfarlane as the main project leader, the Chinese side is responsible for the Indian monk. Yinshun monk said, through the project, you can touch the history, understand the history, present and future to grasp; college students will also learn and grow in the process of project implementation, let the Buddhist culture offer even more brilliant flowers. Professor Macfarlane said "thank you" in chinese". He said, Chinese is one of the greatest civilizations in the world, in the long years of history, because of its ideology, culture and religion are respected. The Buddhist heritage digital museum project, is the world’s first, will have an important impact in many ways. The world fund of University of Cambridge "the river" project group also invited Yinshun monk as "overseas Tibetan cultural heritage Chinese University of Cambridge digital museum" overall project Senior Consultant, British protected endangered senior adviser. (end)相关的主题文章: