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Tirupati Darshan An Event Of Great Spiritual Significance-t420s

Travel-and-Leisure Tirupati is a town of huge religious impotence. An earthy adobe of lord Vishnu, Tirupati is known as Vaikuntham on Earth. Read this article to know myths and spiritual significance behind the temple. The holiest among all worldly cities for Hindu pilgrimage, Tirupati is believed to be earthy home of lord Tirupati: an avatar of lord Vishnu, and is called the Vaikuntham on Earth. Nestled amidst Tirumala hills in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the city has long been attracting masses of pilgrims from all over the world. Tirupati is the most-visited pilgrimage center in India; from 10000 to 30,000 devotees visit the city for divine Tirupati darshan. The main attraction is obviously Shri Tirupati Balaji Temple on seventh peak of Tirumala hills; however the city has a number of other temples and tourist attractions worth visiting. The myths about this sacred town are innumerable and incredible. According to one Hindu scripture, the famous sage Brighu once visited heaven to satiate the quest of rishis on earth who want to know who the supreme among Trinity Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is. First, the sage went to lord Shiva, but he found the lord immersed with his better-half Parvati. He came back without answer and went to Brahmlok to discuss the issue with Brahma ji. But there too he was ignored, as Brahma ji were busy with another chore. Till now Brighu had got tempestuous, and he furiously went to Vaikuntham to meet Vishnu ji. Coincidentally, lord Vishnu was also resting with Luxmiji. Now Bhrighu couldnt control his anger, and kicked lord Vishnu on his chest. Though Vishnu didnt reply exasperatedly, Luxmi took the event her insult and left Vaikuntham immediately. A few days after this event, Vishnu ji began to feel lonely and left the heaven in search of his consort. He came to earth and started living in Tirumala inside a hammock. The region that time was enriched with verdant greenery and cattlemen from nearby region came here daily with their animals. Very soon after lord Vishnu made the hillock his abode, cattlemen noticed that cows emptied all their milk at a particular place on hill and returned back with no milk. They narrated it to the King. The king ordered to dig out the very place where the cow emptied milk, and what they found beneath was an idol of lord Vishnu. The king built at that place and began to pray. He wished Lord Vishnu to be his son-in-law in front of the idol. Its said that the lord fulfilled his wish, and goddess Luxmi took birth as kings daughter. After that, its believed that someone who prays in front of the idol get his wishes fulfilled. Every year, millions of Hindu devotees flock to Tirupati temple to pay homage to Lord Venkateswara. Visitors donate a lot here. As per Hindu myths, those who donate in the temple help lord Vishnu to repay his debt that he took when getting married to kings daughter. Today, Tirupati temple is the richest temple in the world. To ensure pilgrims easy and hassle-free Tirupati darshan, facility of Tirupati online booking is offered by a number of travel .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: