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Tirupati Darshan 3 Temples In Tirupati You Must Visit-acbel

Travel-and-Leisure Tirupati has long been a famous pilgrim town and attracts people from everywhere for a reverent Tirupati darshan. The emergence of all classes of Tirupati hotels and the easy facility of Tirupati online booking has further propelled the tourism industry here. In this article, we shall talk about some famous Tirupati temples & attractions. Some people travel to Tirupati for a spiritual quest while some .e just out of curiosity and others try to find a serene place to spend some peaceful days. Tirupati disappoints none. The temple town of South India promises an unforgettable spiritual experience to both Indians and foreigners, to both children and the old, and to both rich and the poor! Tirupati darshan is sought by every man and woman on the planet and the Lord does not discriminate on the basis of wealth or creed. The town is said to be the dwelling place of Lord Venkateswara and there is a very famous temple dedicated to him. You, on your part, can find dwelling in the excellent Tirupati hotels which can make you feel at home. Under the Tirupati online booking, you can book a package and ensure a .fortable holiday. While visiting this temple town, you can expect yourself to get forlorn amidst hundreds of temples scattered at every nook & corner. From the ones which are colossal to the miniscule-sized shrines, every corner of the town effuses spirituality. Some of the famous temples worth visiting include the following three: i.ISKCON Temple: Though there are quite a few ISKCON temples in the country, perhaps none is as impressive and gigantic as the one in Tirupati. Dedicated to Radha Krishna, this temple (also called the lotus temple) appears to be sitting atop a lotus flower. The architecture is a brilliant fusion of south and the north and the interior decorations are equally sublime. This temple must definitely feature in your must-visit list. ii.Japali Hanuman: Japali Hanuman temple may not enjoy the same amount of popularity as some other temples, but its unique location and serene surroundings .pel us to include it in our list. Situated amongst a canopy of trees, this temple is smoldered with mythology and mystique. Mythology says that this is the place where Ram, Sita and Laxman had spent some time with Lord Hanuman. And the presence of a mystical water body nearby is intriguing since its starting point is unknown. After you have .pleted your Tirupati darshan in Venkateswara temple, do .e to this place which is on the outskirts of the town. iii.Sri Kapileshwara Swami Temple: Sri Kapileshwara Swami Temple is the only major temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located conveniently at the foothills or base of the hills and easily accessible from all major Tirupati hotels. The tranquility of the place is unearthly and heart-rending but your trip wont be .plete without knowing a bit about its mythological background. It is believed that the Shivas linga in the temple was once revered by the sage Kapila Muni. Hence, the temple is also known as Kapila Teertham. The radiant presence of a waterfall in the vicinity makes this an excellent spot for both nature-lovers and pilgrims. Using Tirupati online booking facility, you can buy sightseeing packages to include all these temples in your itinerary. So, head to Tirupati and rejoice at these religious wonders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: